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Sun Transit Pisces 2018: Dream Time

The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Pisces at February 20, 2018 and leaves it on March 20, 2018.

“Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesnt suck.”

— Joss Whedon

The Sun enters into the mutable waters of Pisces on the February 18, 2018. Life is about to become a whole lot dreamier.

Our need for escapism and serious soul time takes precedence now. Theres also a strong urge to merge. Boundaries get blurred, and fantasy and reality become interchangeable for the next few weeks.

Pisces induces a search for the sublime and the higher realms where we can lose our self into something beyond. The longing for mystical or magical experiences becomes a daily need.

Theres a strong desire to submerge the ego the way we do when we fall asleep at night. Suddenly theres no longer that grasping, possessive, fear-based consciousness of “mine, mine, mine.”

The desire for more sleep, dream time and retreating in general will also dominate our wills during this time. Pisces is one of the most sponge-like, hypersensitive of the zodiac. It has been dubbed the sign of pathological compassion because of the inability to NOT identify with everyone elses pain.

Figuring out where one person ends and another begins becomes a blurry enterprise during this transit. Expect tremendous shapeshifting, duality and illusions to throw your normal experience of reality into some hazy semblance of a poem.

Pisces shows us the way back to the invisible and glamorous realms. We have to move beyond our ordinary and limited perceptions and connect back to vision and infinite potential.

This is the time to channel from greater sources. If you can dream it, you can channel it. And then — you can manifest it!

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