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Sun Trine Pluto

Specific Sun Trine Pluto Themes

As in the case of the Sun/Pluto sextile aspect, Sun Trine Pluto aspect can indicate a wonderful one for dealing with relationships, and the rewards of your efforts. However, as it can be the case in Trine aspects, things can feel so good that less growth is accomplished, or less energy is surmounted to achieve of what later can become a real challenge. There is an important need not to take things for granted.

Chances are you will still find some excitement, be it in your career or close relationships. This is also known to be a good aspect for health matters. The flow of energy in such a harmonious way from the depths of your psyche to your conscious mind can bring you a great mind-enhancing experience, maturity, and possible success.

Though the trine is a harmonious aspect, it may still symbolize the occurrence of conflict and crisis in your life. The outcome of such conflict, however, is likely to be positive, especially with respect to resolving tensions and bringing about personal growth. If you do not allow yourself to be in touch with the transformative energy symbolized by Pluto, then it is likely that you will be disposed toward the symbols of the energy that is associated with Pluto—power and sexuality.

If the Plutonian energy is expressed as power, it is likely that you will either have easy access to power or be comfortable with how power is exercised with respect to your life. You usually will feel in control of your life, and when there is a crisis, you are likely to feel comfortable in dealing with it. You may have an affinity for power such that power naturally gravitates to you. It is not unusual that if you are not seen as a powerful individual yourself, you are somehow associated with power. It is usually easy for you to identify with power and your self-image is likely to be of someone who is comfortable in the environs of power.

If either the Sun or Pluto has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect. Empowering yourself, openly confronting a problem or digging deep for the truth can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to the Sun), although you may have a temptation to indulge in sex or the abuse of power to relieve your stress. You can usually turn to your inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or illuminating insight to help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect is to Pluto. 1

The energy of Sun trine Pluto can be so good, that this is also a aspect where you may greatly influence others that could benefit from your insights and energy. Sun Trine Pluto is indeed a potentially excellent aspect.



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