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Sun in the Twelfth House

☉ Sun in the Twelfth House

The Sun
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun in 12th House Meaning – Focus on Inwardness

Traditionally, the twelfth house is associated with institutions such as hospitals, asylums, prisons, libraries, etc. This is also one of the houses symbolizing the subconscious/unconscious mind, and it is in this area that most people experience the twelfth house. Just as the emotional currents of the eighth house are difficult to tie down, so too do we find the twelfth house defying definition as clearly as the other houses by virtue of its very nature and relationship to the nebulous.

I believe it was Sigmund Freud that once said we all have a desire to return to the womb-state where we can once again experience being at one with the collective. He was speaking about the twelfth house and its issues. So you can see that what is found here is rather complex but, be that as it may, this area is a veritable warehouse filled with valuable gifts for those who know how to tap its riches. This is where we tend to want to lose the individuality we worked so hard for through the other houses and become one with the universe again. The natural sign of this house is Pisces, the sign of the healer/martyr. Its ruling planet in times past was Jupiter; the current ruler is Neptune, planet of the nebulous.

Sun in the 12th House: Positive Traits

Traditionally, the Twelfth House is not a strong placement for the Sun. Rather than expressing and affirming the self,the focus of the twelfth house is the dissipation of the self or the turning of the self away from the external towards its own interiority. Thus, you may find it difficult to function in the world and to assert your selfhood. In the Twelfth House, the self natural state is non-assertion.
In order to manifest a strong presence in the world you must either overcome this centripetal tendency or you must compartmentalize your self, creating an artificial self which deals with the world and an inner self which watches the activities of the outer self and lives inwardly. Often, your activities may take place from behind the scenes, from a hidden place or subrosa. Sometimes, you choose to withdraw into yourself and not deal with establishing a strong presence externally. You may also seek shelter, either emotionally and psychologically or manifestly by entering some reclusive institution. (Gargatholil)

Having the Sun in the twelfth is sometimes regarded as a difficult placement. The theory being that stored in the twelfth house are facets of ourselves we were not permitted to give full expression to in our childhood; and from my personal experience, I believe this to be true. However, those with the Sun here also have gifts that few others possess, so do not despair if this is your Sun house. First among the gifts these individuals have is an ability to minister to others and act as healers. So quite often their leadership abilities function from behind the scenes, so to speak. There may also be mediumistic talents or a kind of ESP due to the influence of Pisces, a water sign, on this house. This placement of the Sun is also associated with people that have artistic/creative talents.

Another reason this placement is considered somewhat less than favorable is not difficult to define. The Sun is representative of our ego and our sense of identity, while the twelfth house deals with crossing these borders where everything is defined into an area where things tend to become diffuse and nebulous. This may produce the adverse reaction some of these people experience where their identity is concerned; namely, confusion not only about themselves but life in general.

Now, let’s focus on the positive about this placement. Many of these individuals will be drawn to work in the institutions encompassed in this house. By their very nature, these people are able to minister to others in despair and those at the end of their tether. This is an area where these individuals can excel beyond others. They are quite gifted in their ability to be of service to others in dire straits.

With the Sun in the 12th house the past lives are pressing in, trying to be felt and understood. They’re at the end of a life-series; it demands integration through this current life if the whole evolutionary pattern is to be made spiritually meaningful. The precise nature of the lives in question cannot be seen from the Sun’s placement alone. We can suggest, however, that they focused on developing personal effectiveness through the integrity of individual power. In addition, their relationships to their father or to other authority figures have karmic rhythms. Naturally enough, the pitfall lies in replaying the mistakes of the past without letting go of the attachment that cause such patterns to exist in the first place. The challenge is to see in every action the signature of prior momentum, and to adjust their understanding accordingly. Eventually they can achieve true spontaneity rather than be undermined by repetitive cycles of unconscious reaction. (Bill Herbst)

The 12th house has deep associations with the collective unconscious mind, the personal subconscious, and the past; and it is the psychic content of these that interferes with and infleunces their present life experience. Residues from the past and the constraints of ‘unfinished business’ may still litter their psyche, and those with Sun in the Twelfth House may need a phase of releasing energies and blocked emotions from their nature by experiencing a healing and liberating inner cleansing. If they suffer from feelings of guilt, irrational worries, or a sense of unease, then it is likely to be patterns agitating within their unconscious mind, which if left unresolved could begin to form neurotic complexes or inhibit their capacity to form satisfactory social relationships. (Haydn Paul)

A 12th house Sun indicates that the ego is under great pressure. They have the same powerful ego thrust as those with the Sun rising, but are met by so much opposition in youth that the ego either swells to immense proportions to crish out all opposition, or retreats from battle altogether. In youth, they are so determinedly and uncompromisingly themselves that they attract the opposition of family members, schoolmates, friends, and neighbors, who never cease to give them a hard time.

Those with Sun in 12th House will learn to live with others the hard way. Some truly learn to compromise, and some to dissemble and intrigue, pretending to compromise while pulling strings and making secret deals to get what they want; while some retreat from all confrontation, if they can. Those who attempt to retreat often find that life has a way of coming after them and forcing confrontations that they would rather avoid. Some become monsters of egotism, seeing enemies everywhere and crushing all who stand in their path. Anyone not with them will be considered against them, and even their friends may be suspected of being enemies in disguise. Still others will go the opposite way and come to suspect their own egos, and ego itself, as a negative, selfish force. These people will be inclined to champion the voiceless underdogs of the world and give endlessly of themselves to others. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Characteristically, these people are usually shy and retiring, possibly artistic and somewhat withdrawn. This does have a beneficial effect, however, as they tend to pick up vibes in the atmosphere due to the influence of Pisces. Periods of solitude give them an opportunity to offload any negativity they have picked up and allow them to recharge their batteries, in a manner of speaking.

Those with Sun in the Twelfth House require frequent periods of isolation from ordinary life. They need time away to recharge. It is when they are most isolateed that their purpose is revealed. This propels them back into the world with renewed enthusiasm. They are everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, both a real person and yet a mere vessel for greater divinity. Their power somes from balancing the paradox, allowing both poles to exist simultaneously. Meditation in some form is an essential.

Give intuitive receptivity high priority in your life, without controlling the specifics of what you receive, and your life sings with vibrant energy. Shut down your intuition, and you close off access to cosmic juice. Don’t strain to figure out why you pick up flows of imagery and feeling, bits of information and insight. Don’t strive to figure out what they mean nor what you should do with them. Your task is to remain radiantly quiet, vibrantly still, pregnantly calm. The pitfall is misinterpretation, creating sophisticated forms while missing the truth. The challenge is to become a clear channel for the universe to speak through, a prism for otherwise invisible light. (Bill Herbst)


Sun in the Twelfth House: Negative Traits

You become insecure when you subconsciously know that your ego-self is not real and, therefore, cannot really take part in the activities of the world. Having no real self, you cannot really assert yourself. This may lead to two reactions. First, you may become self-abnegating. You may be overly timid and shy, with no self-confidence or self-esteem. You may withdraw from the world rather than face it and reveal your secret–that you are not real. You may also try to destroy the “illusion” of your self through drugs, alcohol or self-destructive behavior.
Alternatively, you may try to protect yourself from discovering your essential non-existence by projecting a false self that operates constantly in illusion. This person has no concept of truth and seeks to keep everything hidden and behind the scenes. You are, in essence, your own puppet. (Gargatholil)

If afflicted, a 12th house Sun placement could mean excessive shyness or neurotic tendencies, unconscious egotism or a desire for power or recognition not earned by the native.

The overall truism about the twelfth-house Sun is that it tends to go to extremes; what sort of extremes will be indicated by the aspects to the Sun and its dispositor. Often, these people will go to one extreme in youth, then overcompensate at mid-life by swinging to the opposite extreme, coming finally late in life to more perspective and a more comfortable position near the middle of the road.

Those with Sun in the Twelfth House who rise to power have a tendency to misuse it. The tendency to go to extremes and to vacillate from one extreme to another can have terrible consequences, both for them and for their constituents. Those with Sun in the Twelfth House who become successful in other fields often carry a reputation for misbehavior or suffering; for instance, actors or writers may prefer to portray martyrs, villains, or underdogs, than more upbeat types. In almost any field they may have a reputation for being hard to get along with. (Stephanie Camilleri)

A 12th house Sun indicates that the unconscious mind is demanding access into their life; and a confrontation with those inner ghosts is essential to begin resolving certain conflicts. These unlived or repressed aspects of their nature plus any absorbed psychic accretions from their environment have to emerge into the light, or else they will unbalance their identity and personal stability. Those with Sun in the Twelfth House may sometimes feel as if they are struggling to maintain barriers, fearing that those inner dam walls will crack and those stormy waters will break through, tearing down all attempts at control and limitation. One of their strategies is often denial; but this is sowing seeds of later problems, as energies are repressed and personality splits amplified by such an approach; or they try to established fixed habit patterns and worldviews which they hope will support security and stability in life, ignoring and disregarding anything that fails to fit the constrictive bounfairs that they have established around theirself for protection. (Haydn Paul)

A 12th house Sun indicates that fantasy is central to their life-purpose. No dreams, no life-energy, it’s that simple. Fantasies are constructed around two sets of images: monumental self-importance where the whole univese is commanded by their particular essence, or total surrender, the release of self as they dissolve into the cosmos. The difference is that one image expands ego while the other evaporates it, but the end-result is identical: reunion with everything. The pitfall is losing the distinction between what is real and what is only possible, what’s actually happening and what they imagine to be happening. Don’t get lost in the Twilight Sone; you could go crazy. The challenge is to offer no resistance to either realm. Allow dreaming to influence and be influenced by real life; and let fantasies gently guide your development rather than blinding you to what is true. (Bill Herbst)

For those wanting a more detailed analysis of the twelfth house and planets posited in it, I recommend books by Tracy Marks – Your Secret-Self and Karen Hamaker-Zondag – The Twelfth House. You will not be disappointed.

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