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Taurus Archetype

Core Insights for Taurus

Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Penetrating)

Element: Earth (Form, World, Life, Structures, Nature)

Archetypal Images: Builder, Nature-Lover, Musician, Provider, Gardener, Dancer

Planetary Governor: Venus Ceres

House Association: 2nd House of Belonging and Pleasure

Body Wisdom: Neck, Throat, Larynx

Spiritual Principle: Presence “Be Here Now on Purpose”

Harmonious: Practical, Perserverent, Patient, Sensuous, Natural, Serene, Tranquil, Steadfast, Loyal, Determined, Conservative, Affectionate, Resourceful, Strong, Reliable.

Shadow: Materialistic, Greedy, Stubborn, Rigid, Indulgent, Conservative, Lazy, Slow, Stingy, Resistant, Cautious, Hedonistic, Dogmatic, Controlling, Possessive, Inflexible.

Taurus is the archetype that enlivens and nourishes humanity. It expresses the serenity and peace of Mother Earth, Nature. Planets in Taurus add an attunement to the deep rhythms of nature to a character. Taurian forces in the chart are steadfast and loyal, calm and composed. The inner peace of Taurus is reflected in a sunny, spring meadow when the smell of pollen fills the air and the bees are on the wing to create honey.

People who have Taurus strong in their charts naturally teach others reverence for nature and the pleasures of the body. Taurus is symbolic of strength, for its practical, earthy nature is tough as granite and firm like muscle. It is productive and fertile like the crops, sensual and artistic like a dancer or musician, and able to provide nourishment like a chef. Taurus teaches that the things we give away are the ones we really keep, knowing the wisdom of being here now in the timeless moment. Cultivating a reverence for life and nature will invoke your ability to be.

Taurus and its planetary reflectors Venus and Ceres symbolize being aware of the rhythmic flow of nature and discovering inner peace and belonging through moments of tranquility and pleasure. For Taurus, the body is the temple.

Abundant Taurus inspires you to experience pleasure and everything that is natural in the field of life that it shines into in your chart. That house is where you need to be a source of value, resourcefulness, tranquility, affection, and pleasure. The same goes for the houses that hold Venus and Ceres, the goddesses of fertility and pleasure. It is in these realms of life that you can nourish others and inspire a sense of belonging and inner peace. Taurus governs the voice and if you are using the voice harmoniously you can return to the moment and find inner peace. Some Taurians are excellent singers.

When your Taurus energy is misdirected you act stingy and possessive, overindulgent in sensual appetites. When your Taurus field forgets that matter is really just shaped condensed energy and become too attached to wealth the shadow traits emerge to disrupt the flow of peace. To this day nations still have wars over material resources and values. When values are authentic, honoring all people for their right to belong and experience pleasure, then we achieve inner peace on a collective level. That is the key to world peace spoken from the depths of Taurus. In order to gain that serenity we have to cultivate a deep reverence for nature and life. Taurus people are the druids of life, protectors of the planet.

Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Scorpio, gaining passion, transformational vision, and a reverence for the eternal mystery. The key word Conservative makes the list for the dark and light sides of Taurus. When we are conservative because our values are in line with nature and sharing with others becomes imperative we experience the peace of Taurus. When our conservatism leads us to greed and materialism, we become lifeless consumers in a world of hedonistic laziness. We lose our imaginations and become the “cattle” of humanity that governments and institutions see as food for their own agendas.

The spiritual principle of Taurus is belonging through presence. It is our presence as sacred human beings that is our true gift. Honoring the moments of life can be difficult in a society that conditions people to rush and to treat time as opportunity for making money and gathering wealth.

The last Jupiter-Saturn culture shaping conjunction occurred in Taurus in the year 2000 asking us to get back in touch with what we truly value and to undertake a ritual of radical simplification. For Taurus, Venus, and Ceres simplicity is the essence of life. We must learn to value our time on the planet and live each moment to the fullest. Both the past and present are happening as you create them in the now. In the now there are no worries, regrets, confusion, anxieties, or fears unless you allow them to leak in from the past or future.

Taurus asks us to cultivate a life of moving meditation so we can ascertain the unique vibration of each moment as a series of time flow that emerges from the creative void and the field of eternal being. Being in the moment is an act of reverence characterized by inner peace, pleasure, and simplicity. Watch anybody with a good dose of Taurus in his or her chart. They are masters of relaxation, eating, drinking, nature reverence, music-listening, meditation, massage and touch. The healing power of human touch has been demonstrated over and over. They are tuned into the pleasures of sensation because they are in the moment like the body.

For those who live the principle of presence, life is like a strawberry banana smoothie. If you drink it in the moment it’s cool, refreshing and sweet. If you let it sit there it becomes lumpy and warm when you try to drink it later. Life is for the living! The Tai Chi martial art combines the Aries principle of Action with the Taurus principle of presence, a moving meditation. Try taking a class sometime. You’ll feel great.

The glyph for Taurus is the arc of heart receptivity and awareness over the circle of spirit, resembling a bull. It symbolizes the ability to listen to spirit, being open to the flow of life through trusting the wisdom of the body and engaging the silence of the soul to discover inner peace.

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