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Taurus Character From The Movie Troy


This page uses the movie Troy to illustrate character that personify the Taurus sign of the zodiac.

Just for fun and variety in learning more about your Sun Sign, I’m describing Taurus Zodiac Sign using character from the movie Troy.

Taurus and … Andromache
Saffron Burrows plays Andromache

Saffron Burrows plays Andromache

The immovable object. Whoever said “No man is an island” never met a typical Taurus.

The Taurus role in Troy was Andromache, steadfast, long suffering, a little confused and overwhelmed. In Homer and in later Greek plays, she was a tragic heroine, along with Hecuba, Cassandra and others .

In Troy, she is one dimensional. Wolfgang Peterson gave the lion’s share to Briseis. At least half the time in the movie, you can tell she’s not holding a real baby 🙂 like here.

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