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Taurus Common Problems

Taurus Common Problems

The Trouble with Taurus

Taurus is not introspective, not interested in human psychology, in exploring his own inner workings or in understanding his own inner motives.

Taurus falls in love and “stays that way” rather than considering other options.

Taurus leads to “love at first sight” … even when the beloved is inappropriate or unavailable.

Taurus will stay in a difficult, conflicted, or even an abusive relationship rather than ending it or trying to change it.

Taurus wants relationships to be easy and “nice” … and won’t solve problems as long as the appearances are sufficiently unruffled.

Taurus can fall into a pattern of believing that “if the sex is good enough” he’ll put up with pretty much anything in the way of treatment from his partner.

Sex can take the place of conversation, true emotional intimacy, or any attempt to deepen or improve a relationship — thus turning the association into something that simply exists for sexual pleasure or relief.

Taurus can take the attitude that if he’s happy (or satisfied) … why should his partner have problems?

Taurus approach to love can be graceless, blunt, and blatantly based on physical needs or financial advantages,

Taurus won’t take “no” for an answer when someone has caught his fancy — or “won his heart”.

Taurus is extravagant and self-indulgent when it comes to his own comforts and physical pleasures.

Taurus is lazy, hard to motivate for things that take any effort at all.

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