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Taurus December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!

Taurus December Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Taurus, in December 2016 the pressure is off, and you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the holidays.

This will be a very sentimental Christmas where you will seek to make a link to the past. You may perhaps remember or recreate a Christmas experience from your childhood or perhaps share with your partner or your children a Christmas experience from your past – something that means something to you.

There is an emphasis this holiday season on passing on something of lasting value i.e. family heirlooms, albums or even stories that can enrich the present with memories of those who may not still be with you.

You will spend much time looking back, reminiscing and taking stock, and this will not be a melancholy process, but one which is filled with warmth and perhaps a more positive fatalistic take on many of the things that have happened.

I see a mad rush after the 20th so try and get prepared early, there is more to do than you think, and you may have people arriving unexpectedly or get invites last minute. Make sure the tux and the sexy black number and red lippie are on ice ready to be hauled out at short notice.

December 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

The sentimentality you feel this festive season will certainly inspire romance and love. Your partner may have thought you behaved like a Gemini most of the year, but you are back to the real you this December 2016, appreciating home and all the simple and great things.

I can see you spending time preparing and wrapping highly personalized gifts. Taureans love to be creative, and at Christmas it is the most opportune time to be artistic by creating and choosing gifts that show your thoughtful and romantic side. Taureans are big old softies at heart, and you guys love to spoil – you far prefer the giving to receiving.

The sexual side of life is all about fantasy and escapism. Indulging romantic fantasies and creating some magic in your love life is very important. How do you do this? Surprising your partner, giving massages with exotic oils, some dressing up, making a show-stopping meal just for him/her or maybe (money permitting).

You can travel possibly to a seaside resort, not necessarily a warm one, maybe to a log cabin by a frozen lake or a Norwegian Fjord or a chilly beach in Northumberland next to an ancient castle. Do something that inspires magic in the relationship – get away for maybe even two days to rebuild that spiritual connection you have with your loved one.

In December 2016 it will be easy for single Taureans to impress new and potential partners as you are so open and impressionable right now. You will get to know new people fast as you are very quick to share and relax with people you are meeting. Don’t be a soft touch though – do not be too free and easy with everyone you meet over the holidays, some discernment and common sense must prevail.

Taurus Career Horoscope December 2016

December 2016 is a very productive month for Taureans who work in music, the arts and spiritual fields. You will have quite a bit of work, and it can be financially and emotionally very rewarding work. You will have a fair degree of freedom to use your flair and imagination. You will strike the right notes in terms of your audience, and your performances will have more than the usual degree of impact.

The planetary aspects in December 2016 bode well for any seasonal activities, promotional or charity orientated that you may undertake as part of your business as long as they are highly creative and imaginative. Old ideas and last year’s theme will just not hack it and so use your artistic side and go bananas.

The strong social conscience I spoke about last month is still much in evidence, and you may volunteer over the holidays or perhaps via your company donate or offer services to help a charitable cause.

Taurus, in December 2016 you are in a very selfless giving mode and may also use your creative abilities to entertain or help others in some way.

You have drawn a great deal of strength and confidence in your abilities to succeed in your career this year – you should take some time to acknowledge all you have been through and the upheavals and challenges you have faced during the year. 2016 was not about the money, it was about you and finding a strength you thought you lost and rediscovering abilities and talents long forgotten.

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