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Taurus On Eight House Cusp

Taurus in 8th house – Taurus on the cusp of the eighth house

Your financial and material resources are either contributed to you by others or come to you as result of the efforts of others. You may be benefiting from the resources of others rather than on your own merits, garnering wealth and abundance from or through them – you may be seen as truly blessed or as taking undue advantage of others.

The receipt of inheritances and gifts is very common with Taurus in the 8th house. In some cases, you may find that you feel controlled by those who contribute to your life, as if they have bought your loyalty or affection or believe that they have and expect you to do their bidding in return.

This is also a position that needs to be cautious of co-dependency patterns, but more from a power and control base (mutual manipulation) rather than a true exchange of dependency.

With the eighth house we are dealing with the Search for Truth, metaphysics, astrology – or it can be religion, or any discipline which brings out the essence of Truth itself. We are also dealing with higher values. On a lower octave, Taurus tends to have a lower sense of values, concentrating attention upon the material aspects of life, the physical features, the external features, rather than the higher values of all of these things and of life itself.

Often, it implies from past incarnations that the Search for Truth, on the part of the person with Taurus on the cusp of the eighth house, was one which reflected self, the person who knew it all and was a “know-it-all” and wanted the attention from others as being the person to whom they could turn for the answers, whether it was in-depth or whether it was shallow.

So, when it comes to the Search for Truth itself, the Taurus in the past could have been very, very dogmatic. In other words, “here is truth – you must believe as I tell you,” not granting to others the right to think for themselves or to have opinions of their own, pretty much the way we would have a dogmatic religious person who could not step outside the framework of the tenets of the church. In this case, the Taurus must step aside and allow his consciousness to expand, and through this expansion would come the growth and, of course, the creative quality and the artistic sense of Taurus could come into play in this case.

Taurus, being an earth sign and practical in nature, would then have loaned to it the water quality of Scorpio, which is the natural ruler of the eighth house, thus bringing into play the “feeling” quality so that a Taurus here must not only think, but also must feel – must not only know, but also understand. The great lesson for Taurus here is the higher value of knowledge as it can be applied in life from the viewpoint of the spiritual and not from the viewpoint of knowledge as it can produce things – security, possessions for the Taurus.

Taurus on the cusp of the eighth house can step aside from the mundane aspects of life but, at the same time, bring a practical quality to the mysteries of life in the Search for Truth itself and can put a value system for himself within those mysteries.

This location could briny a determination, a stubbornness, in the Search for Truth and, since it is directly opposite Scorpio, the ability to delve into, to dig into, to do the research necessary to synthesize this Truth with all of life. There is a persistence of effort where Taurus is concerned. Stewardship is involved with Taurus because of the eighth house quality of other people’s money, but in this particular octave, it is the stewardship of Truth, and the responsibility of Taurus is more or less the carrying of the torch.

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