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Taurus On Eleventh House Cusp

Taurus in 11th house – Taurus on the cusp of the eleventh house

Your perception of your financial, material and physical needs is probably inspired or (strongly) influenced by your social circle(s) and/or by the collective needs of society or humanity. It’s likely that you are drawn to the popular fads and trends of society.

You may believe you need something simply because those around you are telling you that you need it, or they need it for themselves and you are following the crowd. Being able to keep up with others around you helps you feel safe and secure. However, you may also find that team/group/collaborative efforts also inspire you – working with others toward a common goal of financial or material wealth is appealing to you (fund raising, etc).

With Taurus in 11th house you must first learn the value of the proper development of relationships. As stated previously, the eleventh house has a threefold aspect when it comes to relationships. All of life is a matter of relationships. First, the Taurus must relate to self; then, he can relate to others, and then he can relate to the world. The Taurus must guard against the possibility of self-indulgence. Self-indulgence could demonstrate itself in seeing people and life as they relate to the Taurus rather than the Taurus, to people and life. Here, again, the Taurus must exercise great caution in not being the user of people for his own particular gains. Aspirations, insofar as relationships are concerned must be creative.

How would the Taurus in the11th house relate to people, places, and events? How would the Taurus see himself? Is it from the self-centered, conceited viewpoint, or is it from the higher octave of being part of the ALL, of life itself and how he can fit into the framework of other people’s lives – events in life itself, and in places and locations? With the Taurus’ desire to gamble with materiality, as expressed in the fifth house, he must learn in the eleventh house not to gamble with his own relationships with people to foster his own ends, selfish ends.

As stated before, that one house prepares for the succeeding house, Taurus having been a contributing factor in the tenth house and by the proper development of relationships, can find his fulfillment in the twelfth house.

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