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Taurus February 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our February 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!Taurus February 2016 Horoscope

Taurus February Horoscope 2016- Overview

You are feeling quite restless in February 2016, dear Taurus, and have an urge to stir things up and disrupt the status quo. It is unlike Taurus to be undiplomatic, but suddenly you feel as if there are things that should be said even at the risk of unpleasantness. You really do want to clear the air – this may have to do with events within your circle of friends or with a family member. It will be very hard for you to hold your tongue and even if what you say is not received well in the short run, you will feel much better for having raised it.

Taurus often err on the side of diplomacy and people pleasing to the point where there can be an imbalance in your life – your needs and feelings are often set aside for the sake of peace and quiet. Your over-arching need for harmony comes at a cost of bottling up – this February month you will address that imbalance by skillfully communicating with others your feelings and grievances.

In some cases in February 2016 you may cut off communication with someone who has used you and taken advantage of your kindness and friendship – there has to be a line drawn at times, and this month Taurus must draw that line: firmly.

In career and home life, in February 2016 Taurus are finding their assertive side this month and so putting your foot down with people will come more naturally.

Taurus February 2016 Love Horoscope

Taurus, in February 2016 your assertiveness extends to romance, where you will find ways of ensuring your needs are met, and you are listened to. Relationships are not confrontational at all, but your partner will sense that you are bolder and no pushover. You are eager for sexual gratification and will take the lead when it comes to sexual advances and creating novelty in your sex life. Role play games may especially appeal to you.

Single Taureans may well make a move on an exciting new partner in February 2016. Double dates, speed dating parties, are things you may consider as you look not only for relationships, but for new relationship experiences. Taureans are rather into looks this month – remember to give people a chance and not to be quick to judge.

A downside this month within all romances both new and old is the pursuit of perfection and perhaps unrealistic expectations. Yes Taurus, you are very giving in terms of love and affection, but you should not overreact if your partner does not give as much back – perhaps they have a lower sexual energy right now than you do. Try not to be too picky and specific about how dates should go, what you should do, how to get romantic – in February 2016 you may come across as controlling, and nothing is more of a dampener on romance.

Seek balance and harmony in your love life; do not let the physical become too much of a distraction, or you will lose out on true passion.

Taurus Career Horoscope February 2016

Dear Taurus, February 2016 is a very good month for those who use language and words within their career – thus if you are a journalist, speech writer, politician, copywriter or writer of any kind you can have a real impact. Your words will flow, and you will have plenty of motivation to complete your tasks.

In most careers, expressing yourself will become more of an issue day to day, and you will have to use your communication skills. An ability to solve problems in your typically logical way will also come in very handy. Taurus, if you need to impress the boss or communicate with people in authority, this is a very good time to do it – you have an authoritative air about you, and people will take note and pay attention. Transits this month also favor teaching as you can hold people’s attention and put things across well.

Working in a team or partnership can give you a big boost of energy and great confidence this month – you will achieve a lot and gain experience of authority.

Taurus, be assertive and bold in whatever you do, and believe in yourself and you will win respect in February 2016.

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