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Taurus February 2017 Horoscope

Taurus February 2017 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Taurus 2017 February monthly predictions suggest that from February to early June your sign ruler Venus goes through its retrograde cycle, which means that it will be in the sign of Aries for an unusually long time. With Mars also in Aries in February, there is a strong focus on your inner life, and on the relationships which not only exist in reality, but also those which you dream of but are currently unreachable. The meaning of Venus retrograde for you in 2017 is that material things and physical relationships cannot be aspired to until you have spiritual foundations in place. Therefore you need a lot of time alone to find your inner center.

Professionally this can be a very positive period for you, especially around the full moon on 11th, which channels really harmonious trends in both your working environment and family life. Developments at work, particularly amongst colleagues, are especially exciting. A minor revolution may be taking place here, as new people arrive, new methods are tried out and funds become available for expansion and improvement.

There may also be radical changes in the work situation of someone you have a close relationship to – a partner for example. This person may be wanting more freedom and space, and act accordingly.

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