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Taurus On Fifth House Cusp

Taurus in 5th house – Taurus an the cusp of the fifth house

You experience the most joy in you life when you have established financial and material security and stability in your life. You like to spend your money on entertainment and recreational pursuits, and your ability to do this for yourself and for those you want to have accompany you is what makes you feel safe and secure and stable in your life.

The 5th house is also about romantic relationships, and you may also pursue romantic and sexual involvements like they are possessions or investments rather than relationships with people. Even the process of acquiring money and stuff – and romantic and sexual partners – is fun for you!

Yet gambling and games of chance are not likely on the agenda – too much instability and risk for you. In both financial-material and romantic-sexual matters, you’d rather seek out sure things to invest in, and you have the patience to get the most out of your investments. Be sure not to hold on too long, though. You may be inclined to hold on to a “good thing” well after its good is gone.

But Taurus in 5th house is a dangerous area for the unevolved Taurus, for we are involved with several qualities which can be very, very negative. First, the fifth house is involved with the gambling quality, and with the Taurus, the tendency, as an unevolved being, would be to get involved in all types of speculations and gambling in order to increase the material aspect of life. This could involve the Taurus in foolhardy attempts of getting money or possessions through speculation or through gambling. This could be the gambling addict at this location of Taurus.

Another quality is the physical aspect where Taurus is concerned in any love affairs. It is one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac. The Taurus tends to be a “bull in a china shop.” Here the lesson to be learned is to consider the feelings of the other party when it comes to relationships. Love affairs should be seen from the viewpoint of both, rather than the self-gratification of the Taurus. With children – the third thing is that children should be treated with great respect. A Taurus can be a very harsh parent and must learn kindness and consideration for children.

On a higher octave, the artistic qualities of Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house could bring in tremendous creativity. Here the children of Taurus could be ideas, artistic endeavors, things that the Taurus will create from an artistic level. The Taurus here has the opportunity of raising his consciousness to the mental plane where artistry is involved.

One of the great lessons, and this could be the greatest lesson of all for Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house, is how the Taurus can establish his relationship with others in a very creative manner – in other words, being able to discriminate, how to approach others, how to develop relationships with people on different levels of evolvement. This is something that the Taurus would have to have established within his own consciousness, for the Taurus has the ability to discriminate or to determine the various levels on which people are in their own development.

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