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Taurus And Friendship

What kind of friend you are

If you are a Taurus, you love being surrounded by a few selected friends although, in truth, you are also jealous of them. You are not particularly generous, and it is better not to ask you for a loan but you do give your wise advice freely.

Basically, you care for whatever does not disturb your quiet routine and existence. You often maintain friendships dating back to childhood and your good character makes you loved and appreciated, despite your little defects.

It is prudent though to avoid asking you to go out and have expensive holidays in faraway places. Shall we say, playfully, that friends invited to lunch would be better off not asking for second helpings? Of course you appreciate the pleasures of the table, but nobody said that others should overindulge, especially if you are the host! As Taurus is a real bull, you are liable to see red should you realize that your hospitality or your patience is being abused.

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