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The Taurus woman is passive strength.

You are the rock of the Zodiac with an inner tenacity that other signs can only envy.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Taurus dear, you are the welcoming warmth on a winter’s night. You have the ability to make even the most nervous man relax.

There is no storm you cannot weather but to do it with such pose and calm is awe inspiring. Even some men envy you and all melt when they see you under pressure.

You love the take charge man and he simply adores you. You are never submissive or subservient and have figured out how to be taken care of without being taken advantage of.

You have a wonderful independent and carefree nature that takes the pressure off your man and brings greater sensual pleasure to your daily routine. Most men only dream of such a woman.

No emotional outbursts ever find their way into your world. Men are so thankful that you go through life as steady as your symbol the Bull.

Honesty is your best policy and truth flourishes in all your relationships. Never settle for a man that doesn’t have your high standards; the Bull is calm but only until provoked.

Ruled by the love Goddess Venus, Taurus’ love of beauty and romance makes her the woman that men adore. You create the kind of home that every man wants to share.

Finally an intelligent woman that doesn’t feel the need to debate every subject and be right about all of them. Men find you interesting, easy and rewarding to talk to.

Classy, sensual, smart and able to stick to a budget and enjoy it too. You love the finer things in life but always manage to get them at the best price and still have money left over. How do you do it?

It will be a rare Taurus that owns a book depicting 101 sexual positions but that doesn’t mean the Goddess of love has left you lacking in sensual delight and your man will certainly know that he is loved.

And Taurus dear while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Taurus Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your sense of union is your power source. The Goddess Venus demands that you find your true love and come together for the greater good of the partnership. You can only really be happy when you are in a deeply committed relationship.

Never underestimate this awesome power and the spiritual connection it will enable you to have with the man you love. It is what makes you the Taurus Goddess and it will help you fulfill your life’s purpose. Taurus is meant to create a wonderful union with a soul mate and help her partner reach his own life’s purpose. It is only in this togetherness that you will thrive and it is only through your unselfish and loving support that you will activate your Goddess power.

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