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As the Sun transmits the energies of Taurus (Ray 4 of harmonious living) our bodies will seek richness and comfort. Therefore, as we languish on the closest available piece of over-stuffed furniture, we might find ourselves indulging in rich foods, fine wines and chocolate in every form. The results could be lassitude, discomfort, an inability of the body to throw off toxins, water retention, a sore or horse throat, or lethargic liver and kidney functioning. This is an uncomfortable state of affairs.

Appropriate foods during this time which strengthen the body include seafood and iodine-rich foods such as apples, brussel sprouts, green peppers, iodized salt, salmon, turkey, beets, cabbage, spinach, swiss chard, cucumber, horseradish, onions, pumpkin and radish.

The Thyroid Gland

Taurus works with the neck, throat, mouth, tonsils, vocal cords and thyroid gland. Looking in a mirror you will notice the neck bridges the torso (heart) and the head (brain/mind). In the neck region, and closely linked to the pituitary, is an endocrine gland called the thyroid. The thyroid regulates our metabolism by secreting the hormone thyroxin into the bloodstream. Thyroxin regulates body temperature, controls growth rate and directs food oxidization.

Proper functioning of the thyroid is key to our mental and emotional balance. Extreme stress, a lack of iodine or fiber in a diet, or a colon in need of cleansing, may result in thyroid dysfunction, which may also lead to mental and emotional imbalance.

“And the Word Became Flesh”

The throat has become a very powerful and well-developed center in humans. As the primary organ which distributes Creative Intelligence, the throat is related to star Ray 3 (active intelligence) in the Big Dipper. Our body registers two important pieces of tonal (sound) information: 1) the intention behind our spoken words and 2) the creative purpose of the Soul. This registered tonal data actually creates the lens through which we experience life. Sound creates reality and, “in the beginning was the word.”

At a future time in humanity’s evolution, the throat center will speak the lost Creative Word which will set in motion our divine ability to create. Presently, and until then, it is important to be mindful of the content of our speech, the lyrics in our music, the books we read, and how others communicate with us. Words of praise resurrect us.

Taurus & Your Body

Taurus works with:
• neck, throat and ears
• mouth, tonsils and vocal cords
• thyroid gland

Venus, the planet transmitting Taurus and Libra, is the source of harmony, relationship and equilibrium. In the body Venus:
• stablizes and maintains the body’s internal environment
• regulates kidney function and hormonal secretion
• works with venous system (veins)

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Taurus (person & time of year):
• Homeopathic is Natrum sulphiricum which regulates water and the elimination of waste products
• Herbs are golden seal, dandelion, red sage, rasberry leaves, centaury and agrimony
• Vitamins are rutin, E, A and niacin (B3), found in brown rice, dates, peas, lentils, liver, potatoes, peas, tuna, alfalfa sprouts, apricots, avocados, chicken and corn
• Minerals from seaweeds and powdered kelp
• Bach Flower Remedies are Elm and Rock Water

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