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Taurus Horse Personality

The Horse- Taurus has a bad habit of downplaying their obvious qualities. It’s no crime to be known for what you’re good at, and modesty has no place in today’s frenetic job market. Get out there and show them what you’re made of! The dependable nature of the Bull has ironed out your natural Horse-born skittishness, but that doesn’t mean than you don’t like to cut loose once in a while.

Seek a lover who prods you on to greater things and won’t let you stagnate. You’d stay inside all day if you could — your home is a substitute for the womb that you can still vaguely remember being so cozy and warm. Don’t fret if the world appears larger, colder, and more confusing than you ever imagined it could be — your concern for security will serve as an involuntary safety net for you in even the direst of circumstances.

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