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taurus jealousy

Taurus Jealousy

Are Taurus Jealous and How to Handle Their Jealousy?

Venus-ruled Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It’s a solid type of sign. Taurus’s element is earth. Taureans born on the cusp of their preceding sign, Aries, may be a bit more fiery and passionate; Taureans born on the cusp of their following sign, Gemini, may be a bit more quicker and flighty. But a Taurus is a Taurus, regardless. Beauty-loving Bulls who fall for you will be there for you. They’ll provide a shoulder to lean on and are strong enough to prop you up, if needed.

Taurus can be very jealous and possessive. In fact, Taureans tend to horde things. If a Taurus has fallen for you, he or she will hold you tight and not want to let you go. These types don’t fall in love easily, so when they do, they’ll expect you to be their lady or their man. They’ll be there for you and they’ll fully expect you to be there for them.

Their feelings tend to show up clearly, and they can have a combustible temper. Fortunately, their temper usually doesn’t last long, and they don’t have a habit of harboring grudges. If you’re trying to get your Taurus to do something, appeal to his or her emotions. That’s probably the best way to get past their famous stubbornness. They can see your point of view better when they’re emotionally engaged, rather than when they’re being reasonable and sensible.

Taurus may seem slow, until you get to know them. A Taurus knows his or her own mind, and they dislike change. They’re loyal, patient and understanding. They love beautiful, comfortable surroundings and are more than willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Your Taurus mate is also funny and warmhearted; sympathetic and loving; ambitious and optimistic. Passionate and romantic, they tend to be old-fashioned, and treat their mates with love and respect. If they seem a bit slow and plodding, rest assured that they have a deep streak of common sense and practicality. A typical Taurus usually has a good head for business, and both feet rooted solidly on the ground.

Generally, this earth sign is most compatible with the other earth signs, which are Virgo and Capricorn. Their next-best compatibilities are with watery Pisces and Cancer, airy Gemini and fiery Aries. Libra and Sagittarius are considered to be neutral signs in relation to Taurus. Restless Aquarius, dominating Leo and deep Scorpios are generally not considered a great match for Taurus.

If you’ve teamed up with a Taurus, then you’ve found a good, steady, reliable mate. If you want to keep your Taurus, let them be themselves, and treat them as well as they treat you and you’ll have your Bull to snuggle up with and enjoy the finer things in life.

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