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Taurus July 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our July 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!

Taurus July Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

You are in no short supply of energy and enthusiasm in July 2016 and what’s more is that you are highly determined and willing to work hard. On the downside, you may overdo things.

Moderation is the key in July 2016 – do not force anything or anyone.

Physically you may be pushing yourself too hard. It may be that you are training for something in the sporting vein and are pushing your body to the limits – it is very important to recognize limits right now. Perhaps more can be achieved if you ease back on the pressure.

It is vital right now that you respect other people’s limits as well, as part of the pressure you are putting yourself under may be directly impacting on someone you live with or work with, and you need to take their capabilities and feelings into account.

Too far too fast, is the pitfall in July 2016. You have a certain air of invincibility which could lead you to over-extend yourself or miss certain warning signs. You need to be more aware of how what you do affects others; you could be accused of riding roughshod over others or of arrogance.

Ideally, you can achieve much in July 2016 and your positive drive attitude, when used to inspire and motivate others, can be very productive for everyone. However, if you act as if you are in a vacuum and are not responsive to the environment both social, political and emotional, you will waste time, energy and resources and not achieve much.

July 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Are you perhaps being too demanding in July 2016? Is it all about you? A certain over-confidence could become overbearing and even bolshie, and this can really cause problems in relationships.

Your opinions, work, ideas and needs may be overwhelming your partner; take a step back.

It may be hard for you to hold back in July 2016 in many respects, but if you can just focus on listening more and be more reactive to your partner, things will be far better.

The best use of the energies in July 2016 is if you and your partner can enjoy sporting or outdoor activities together – something that is energetic and consuming. There must, however, be give and take. Taureans are not in a very compromising mood right now: more stubborn than usual and stronger willed, you are not that easy to deal with.

I think that Taureans will totally underestimate how they are coming across – you are just full of energy and go, and this can be an advantage in relationships if you can work towards something meaningful for BOTH of you.

July 2016 is a passionate time in the bedroom for Taurus, sexually a very good time.

Taurus Career Horoscope July 2016

You are in a building phase of a new project now, and the difficulty is that some of the work you are doing feels as if it is at odds with the end goal. It can be hard to hold the vision while the groundwork is still ongoing – you must keep the faith in yourself and your goal. The long hours you put in now will begin to show dividends.

Yielding to the needs and wants of colleagues, co-workers or interests groups should not be seen as a
sign of weakness, but rather as a secret weapon this month.

July 2016 is a good month to work on your public profile i.e. on LinkedIn or via business-to-business promotion.

Avoid reckless decisions taken in a moment of anger or frustration.

You may be headhunted this month – you never know where opportunities can arise.

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