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Taurus July 2019 Horoscope

Taurus July 2019 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The 2019 July monthly forecasts for Taurus predict that you should take a long walk back in your memory on the 1st, and try to remember the last time being pompous and condescending got you what you wanted. What’s that? You can’t remember a single time that being pompous and condescending got you what you wanted? Well, well, well. Then learn from that, and be nice, now. It’s easy. See?

Make a date with a friend you haven’t seen lately to go see an exhibition at the local alternative art museum on the 4th, 5th or 6th. Your deep understanding of a loved one’s psychological makeup will make it easy for you to ease tensions on the 11th and 12th.

Taurus, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it on the 17th. Truly wonderful and quite possibly very romantic news brightens your days on the 19th, 20th and 21st. Great! A heart-to-heart over a great, delicious, and healthy shared meal will shed a new light on the issue on the 25th of July 2019.

Romance tip-taps at your window on the 30th and 31st. Throw it open! Help guide it up the trellis! Throw it a gauzy curtain to help out with the climb! Embrace it, with open arms, once it’s in!

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July 2019 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Taurus

The July 2019 Taurus horoscope predicts that if you want to be successful in making healthy progress in a romantic relationship should you a) think only about yourself and your needs b) think only about them and their needs or c) none of the above? Now, get out a number two pencil and write in at the bottom: The correct answer is ‘c’ (none of the above) and ‘d,’ think about your respective needs, communicate and come to a conclusion you can both live with. You get an A plus!

Taurus, do something fun with a buddy on the 4th, 5th or 6th. (Sometimes you need a break from love!) You get them, and that’s really going to help on the 11th and 12th. Do not indulge in retail therapy on the 17th. Romantic developments proceed apace on the 19th, 20th and 21st of July 2019. Great! What you two really need is a super romantic spaghetti dinner by moonlight on the 25th. Book a table for two at that cute place down that alleyway! Romance is what’s on the calendar for you on the 30th and 31st. So clear all your other appointments! After all, you don’t want anything to distract you, right now.

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Taurus Career July 2019 Horoscope

The July 2019 Horoscope for Taurus zodiac sign shows that the best way to get what you really want, at work, is by being as agreeable as possible on the 1st. Smile, say please, offer to do them a favor next time they need one. Get inspired for a work project by exposing yourself to some serious culture on the 4th, 5th or 6th. Go to a museum or a musical or a vintage film. Sure, it may have nothing to do with your current work projects, but it will inspire you anyway! Your psychological savvy makes life at your workplace a lot easier on the slightly-tense 11th and 12th.

Taurus, keep your finances under control on the 17th. After all, if you spend too much, you won’t be relaxed and calm at work. Wonderful news opens up several new doors on the 19th, 20th and 21st. Network over a delicious dinner on the 25th. Romance wants your attention on the 30th and 31st of July 2019. Can you spare your love life some attention? (Here’s a bet that you can.) How? Why, just get all your work done, then take a deep breath, call that cutie pie and head out on a work-stress-free date.

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2019 July Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Bull

The Taurus 2019 July monthly predictions suggest that you know what you need, when it comes to your fitness. You need to workout! You need to workout regularly. You need to eat well. You need to sleep well. You need to be ok with yourself, on all basic levels. On the 1st, your focus is on healing, nurturing and just plain fostering health, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. On the 5th, the question could be: Are you thinking about your health or somebody else’s? If you’re focused on someone else, don’t forget that all your good advice applies to you, too. You are ready to coast, a little on the 9th. That’s a good thing!

You don’t always need to be implementing something new, if your old fitness routine is working for you. Pay attention to any and all little aches and pains on the 10th — they’re telling you something about yourself. Try cutting out a bad habit on the 15th of July 2019 and see how you feel. At first, it might be hard. But by the 19th, you feel pretty terrific. On the 24th, you and a partner can embark on an interesting health adventure, together. Taurus, follow-through on at least one health resolution on the 30th.

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Overall, the Taurus July 2019 horoscope shows that

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