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Taurus Life Mission

As a Taurus, you’re supposed to be making yourself secure in finances and self-esteem, taking all the tangible blessings the world has to offer. Don’t be afraid to let yourself attract prosperity!

That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to learn that you deserve to take the best life has to offer!

The Taurus Affirmation

Your Taurus Affirmation is “I become stronger by the minute. My world is stable and comfortable.”

Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself!

If you tell yourself you’re broke, powerless, and that it’s going to be a lousy day, chances are your wishes will come true! Try instead to really believe that you can control your own destiny that you are truly in charge of your own life!

Your Life Issues As A Taurus:

Learning how to handle money, learning to master and to enjoy the material world, find stability, be comfy with yourself, make yourself secure.

Tell yourself often,, so your subconscious mind believes it:

“I become stronger by the minute. My world is stable and comfortable.”

Clues You’re Not Doing Well With Your Taurus Life Mission:
  • If you have lots of sore throats,
  • if you’re constantly worried about money or possessions,
  • if you can’t get out of your comfy chair and do anything,
  • if you’re broke all the time,
  • if you don’t honor your need for comfort and touch.

– it’s a clue you need to do some inner work on those Taurus qualities.

Energy Imbalances come from:
  • getting stuck in worrying about possessions,
  • indulging way too much in rich foods and sitting in your comfy armchair!
Clues You’re Doing Well With Your Taurus Life Mission:
  • You feel good about yourself, financially and personally,
  • you don’t use food as a substitute for love and security,
  • you recognize the value of an afternoon spent in the garden, or an hour massage.
When You Are Most Yourself & Most Happy:

When you feel like your life is secure, you know who and what you can count on, you don’t have to struggle for money every minute of the day, you make time for love and simple pleasures.

Good Jobs For Taurus:

Banking, a financial manager, something with consistency, something you can count on, a stable company.

Good Relationships For Taurus – LOVE For A Taurus Sun:

Someone who you can count on, someone who is predictable and dependable and down-to-earth.

Good Things To Consider If You’re A Taurus Sun:
  • Grow a garden or some windowsill herbs,
  • buy yourself a nice comfy armchair,
  • start a new savings account or IRA,
  • move to the country or at least a nice condo with a courtyard where you can grow stuff,
  • pamper yourself once in a while so you feel good,
  • treat yourself to a massage,
  • buy some expensive art that will be worth more and more,
  • make a budget,
  • wear a jade bracelet,
  • buy some houseplants – Jade is the Taurus gemstone because it adds prosperity and stability to your life.
  • write “Relax” in your Day-Timers.

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