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The Taurus Man

The sign of Taurus is very “female”, and in the psychological image of the natives of this sign, certainly the men are those that must express values that are not actually “patriarchal and male”.

In fact, the Taurus man is not very competitive, he loves tranquillity, well-being and develops values such as the Earth, natural values and natural tastes, to the total detriment of what is technological, modern and unrelated by tradition to the mankind’s way of being.

The Taurus man is thus a man with a particular sensitiveness and a particular attachment to life and to the continuity of things, and in this he shows he is conservative and not particularly inclined to change what he sees as a disturbance of certain balances and something that breaks the monotony which is so reassuring for him.

The Taurus man has a great need for security; he cannot live in a situation of instability or precariousness because this would make him anxious: for this person the future must be guaranteed by something tangible and material. These prerogatives are the essence itself of this sign that has a mission that regards individualization and construction in respect of a sense of security and stability.

The characteristics of the native Taurus concern a strong resistance, solid values, a strong sense of putting down roots and the undoubted ability to attain what he wants, accompanied by a certain stubbornness that keeps him firmly aligned with his goals without allowing him to be absent-minded. It is often said that the Taurus man has “blinkers” and this can be seen as a profound limit if he is assessed from the point of view of an incapability to look around him; nevertheless, he can also be seen as one who will not to allow himself to be distracted from what he wants to attain.

The Taurus man is certainly constant, methodical and also monotonic and has fixed habits; he is always reassuring, faithful, responsible and capable of great dedication to his family, to those he sees as “his” property.

His basic values are his family, a sense of property and love for his roots and his territory; he is a man attached to general rules that he tries to follow in each activity, and therefore he is often accused of obtuseness.

Undoubtedly, the Taurus man needs to widen his vision and his mind to avoid becoming a slave of some narrow mental thought patterns that impede him rather than helping him on his way. The sense of tradition and fidelity must not be preceived as values that in any way impede an opening-up to things he does not know and that makes him distrustful. Exchange is the only thing that can impede him to close him down in a narrow vision that would be a prison of limits and of closure towards the external world.

The strength of his sign combines with a real ability to rely on his own resources in order to create a sense of security and stability that must not prevent him from seeing what scares him because he might have doubts that make him anxious.

Security can be attained starting from giving value and from continuing to develop what he believes and trusting how he feels inside. The Taurus man has strong constructive abilities if he relies on how he feels inside and if he does not allow himself to be deceived by ephemeral values tied to image and to a sense of making money that can cause a feeling of emptiness because they do not lead to any kind of fulfilment.

Taurus is very much tied to the body, to the senses; he is a gourmet, a tender and impassioned lover, he loves to surround himself with beautiful things that let him know he is being acknowledged; in a word he is very much a hedonist, who experiences through his body, and it is through the relationship with it he becomes aware of “having something of his own”.

This is a very important step because it puts him in contact with his personal resources, those that will have to search beyond what instead he will have reached on the outside: if he is left to the ephemeral he will not manage to reach that sense of fullness that results from contact with himself and never from what is purely on the outside: it is not by chance that the sign of Taurus is mythically tied to the king Minosse, who wants to keep what does not belong to him, and he felt the rage of Poseidon that avenged himself in a tragic way.

The Taurus man must be far from the avidity that is always ready to spring a trap and that often challenges him to be able to affect his behaviour. Too much fear of losing might be a bad thing and he is advised to follow a totally blinkered path in which a sense of dissatisfaction would cause a longing that little by little would become more and more dangerous.

The Taurus man must find the right balance between taking and giving, between keeping back and letting go, between the internal good and external well-being. By comparison with others he can learn to become more flexible and easy going in exchanges and more tolerant of diversity.

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