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Taurus March 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our March 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!Taurus March 2016 Horoscope

Taurus March 2016 Horoscope- Overview

Taurus, in March of 2016 entrenched ideas and attitudes can cause you difficulty. You need to be more flexible in your thinking and more adaptable.

Many times in life we can cut ourselves off from what we do not want to accept or deal with – it can be a case of see no evil, hear no evil, etc. Of course, it is not in the nature of Taurus to change, and sometimes when confronted with a person or system with a difference in attitude it can be quite hard for the Bull to swallow. But in March 2016, if you are a Taurus sign, you will be forced to deal with something you are not comfortable with. You may have to work in an environment or situation where you are really uncomfortable with the prevailing attitudes. You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. Use this as a chance to re-examine your own attitudes and analyze why you feel this way. Is it your upbringing? Is it your innate nature? Is it conditioning? Is it fear? The answers to these questions could be very interesting and give you an insight into your own personality.

This is an opportunity to grow and be more open and accepting, in some cases your attitudes may soften, but this need not necessarily be true. The challenge is to be able to work with and get along with people whose views and values you oppose. You may learn to understand other attitudes more fully and thus be more comfortable with them. In March of 2016 you may have to face the fact that these ‘people’ actually make you question your own beliefs, and that is why it is so uncomfortable.

March 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

The Taurus March 2016 Horoscope for Love indicates that changes your partner or spouse is going through may impact on the relationship in March. The health or family situation of your partner may cast a shadow in March 2016 and provide cause for more seriousness and attention to obligations.

Your partner is adjusting right now and may have their own issues to get through, which they cannot really talk about, and you need to be patient and supportive.

In new relationships, your partner’s baggage may become a stumbling block to the relationship progressing forward. Unless there is a strong emotional bond and shared experiences, the gap in understanding can be impossible to bridge.

Sex life is inhibited due to outside pressure, but you should not allow this to become frostiness: affection, fondling, hugging and touching is essential.

Taurus, commitment is really tested in March of 2016, and you have an opportunity to show your partner that you are their rock, their confidante and the person they can always rely on.

The Taureans’ desire to nurture and protect is brought to the fore in March 2016. Perhaps in a karmic way of returning the favor.

Taurus Career Horoscope for March 2016

The Taurus March 2016 Horoscope for Career shows that trust and responsibility are important for Taurus sign in March 2016 within the work. You may be entrusted with a large amount of money or be handed a very important client or contract. You will be handing something over which you must exercise extreme diligence and care.

You will have to exhibit leadership and show good judgment; you may be called to arbitrate a dispute, or you may have to make a decision which could impact on another person’s reputation or future career prospects. This may put you in an uncomfortable position, and your ability to choose wisely and to be just and fair will be tested.

Taurus, fairness will be an issue in all your day-to-day decisions, and it will be hard to balance the needs and priorities of people and work. That is the challenge for you in March 2016: to make tough choices with respect to the values and also financial implications for others.

Work will get busier as the month goes on with more interactions with clients and customers, you may travel to promote a product or sell to a new client.

Taurus, in March of 2016 you may need to take on board advice or input from various interest or action groups who lobby within your industry.


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