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Taurus May 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our May 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!

Taurus May Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

The first part of May 2016 is filled with positive energy, ideas and motivation. Your confidence will get a boost, and you will feel able to tackle things in terms of new initiative and projects.

It is ideal to pack in anything important after the 22nd of May when Mercury turns direct: generally speaking, this is a time of confusion and misunderstandings, where plans to do with travel, contracts and communications can go haywire for no good reason.

You will tend to get quite a bit done after the 22nd as you are inspired and more interested than usual, and your pace is really quick – you’ll be amazed at how quickly things get done.

Do take care not to overdo things and curb any tendency to exaggerate or promise more than you can deliver. Be careful that you are not overcharged for anything; check carefully to see that what you do buy matches specifications.

Irritability and impatience can be a problem in the month; try and remember how well the first part went, and remember that even if there are hitches after the 22nd the average is still great.

May 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

In relationships, you will not like to be put on the spot or coerced into making decisions you are not ready for. You can be rather evasive in May 2016 and will strongly resist being bossed around or controlled.

You are looking for growth and evolvement within the relationship, and where your partner is too set in his ways or too staid in his approach there will be problems. You are in a very outgoing phase of life where you welcome novelty; if your partner is happy to embrace this, then all the better for your relationship. If your partner is agro to your freedom loving, adventure seeking bent then you will drift apart (not necessarily permanently) in May 2016. You are impatient with routine and with pettiness; you want to reject all those trivial aspects of day-to-day life and see a bigger, more promising picture.

This is such a great year for Taureans moving forward, accepting that some problems cannot be solved, only outgrown, and the major stumbling block can be a partner who is still immersed in the very problems and trivialities you want to leave behind.

Another excellent month for single Taurus to experience new people for fun and love, but without the pressure of commitment.

Taurus Career Horoscope May 2016

A great time to find new clients and customers and to sell more products or services. Also a favorable time to deal with legal issues.

The first part of the month especially is not good for signing contracts, buying or selling, international trade as well as putting forward ideas and proposals. If you need to sell yourself i.e. at an audition or interview, any time after the middle of the month is great.

Travelling for business is also best done after the 22nd when Mercury turns direct.

Delay signing important documents after the 22nd and do not make any strategic plans as you may make them in haste without the full facts.

You are adept at handling practical issues in May 2016; however, you are far more focused on the big picture and smaller details are an annoyance. You will find multi-tasking frustrating as you will working with people. It is ideal for you to work at your own pace (which is quite fast) and alone in May 2016. You are far more effective when working on a challenging project, anything mundane or meaningless will be a waste of the energy and ideas you have right now.

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