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Taurus Monkey Personality

No soppy displays of public affection for the Monkey – Taurus; you want a lover who can keep their distance and bombard you with scintillating wit — so much so that you don’t even mind playing the “straight man” once in a while. You Monkey’s penchant for bouncing off the walls is mediated somewhat by your dependable Bull patrimony, which makes you reliable when it comes to long-term projects.

Rather than conflicting, your two disparate halves combine to make a well-modulated and seamless whole. Be sure to maintain your youthful zest for all that life has to offer well into middle age, or else you’ll run the risk of settling down into the cold comfort of a stodgy conformity. Don’t be afraid to shake the cobwebs loose from the rafters once in a while — a long, long while.

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