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Taurus Moon Sign Food Profile

Taurus Moon Sign Food Profile

If Taurus is the Moon sign for you or someone you care for, here are some observations to help you understand the food patterns typical of this sign and, if need be, to modify or optimize them. If these descriptions don’t seem to fit, the answer may be in aspects (angles) other planets form to the Moon in the birth chart. For more details on aspects, see the explanation at the end of this article.


Many Taurus Moons are solidly built, with more than a tendency to slowly put on weight over the course of a lifetime due to your great love of the sensual pleasures of food. You may prefer traditional dishes, the kind folks cooked back home, and lots of it. Often placid and content to enjoy the sedentary pleasures, you are not fond of exercise or of self-denial. Thus you may find that it is wiser to keep weight off than to try to get it off once it’s there. This is, after all, a fixed earth sign and not easily accepting of change, especially where your beloved creature comforts are concerned.


The Moon sign describes some of the character traits of your mother or other women who took care of you as a child. In particular, it spells out food habits and tastes learned at the family table growing up that may either help or hinder in the perennial search for fitness. Unless there were difficult aspects, Taurus Moons typically had a traditional, home and apple pie sort of Mom who expressed her love through cooking–and maybe even growing–the food she so lovingly prepared. Family was important, and where better to enjoy family time than at a table loaded down with good food? (If this description does not ring true, definitely check this article at the bottom on aspects.)

Mom and her female relatives may have come from an era–or a culture–that saw plumpness as a sign of prosperity, and her complacency about soft, womanly curves may have rubbed off on you. Thus the modern fetish for an almost anorexic thinness may well seem alien, something imposed from without, rather than a valid statement about womanhood. And, when you come right down to it, there are fashions in body types, and Rubenesque may be on its way back soon–well, maybe not so soon, but surely in the fullness of time.


Unless there are difficult aspects, you Taurus Moon people are as stable emotionally as you are in other facets of your lives. If you’re financially secure, have a good, traditional home life, and can indulge in the sensual pleasures you love, you are doubtlessly a contented person. So, why are you eating a bit too much? You Taureans do love your food–it may be as simple as that–and you may need to re-educate your palate for quality and presentation rather than quantity. Or, maybe one of the elements just mentioned isn’t going as well as you’d like, and you’re overdoing it to deal with a sense of lack.

Taureans typically dislike change, so you may overeat when coping with disruptions, especially those you have little choice but to accept. Talk to yourself–and others–about the cyclical nature of life, so that you can comes to terms with these inevitable changes.


Taurus is the sign most closely connected with Mother Earth. Many with this Moon sign find it deeply satisfying to renew that connection, for example by growing your own food or herbs, having houseplants, or just spending time in the country. Meditations where you visualize extending your own roots deep into the earth itself can also renew the sense of grounding and stability that is so nurturing to you. Since most of you enjoy making money, a catering sideline might satisfy both the urge to be around food and the urge to have a good, stable income.

If you miss the traditions you loved growing up, establish some new ones with your family and friends, but de-emphasize the importance of eating as part of them. While taste is a wonderful sensation, it can be fully as satisfying to explore and celebrate the other senses, so expand your sensual vocabulary.

DISCLAIMER: This material is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat specific difficulties or needs in the area of nutrition, digestion, or health. For any severe or persistent difficulties or to remedy an eating disorder, consult a qualified health care professional.

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