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Taurus On Ninth House Cusp

Taurus in 9th house – Taurus on the cusp of the ninth house

You likely look to the philosophical and/or spiritual to earn or otherwise attain your financial and material resources. There is the danger that you use your intellect to take the place of tangible and practical efforts, expecting that your beliefs and philosophies will do the work for you.

It is important not to depend on or to expect education and information alone to carry you through to wealth and abundance. You may find that communicating the wisdom of your life experiences to others helps you find and/or attain financial and material resources.

You may also find that sharing your philosophical and/or religious beliefs contribute greatly to your ability to generate wealth and abundance.

Operating on the lower octave, the Taurus can often times be an “Elmer Gantry” in spades, so to speak. The Taurus would be less concerned with preaching the real truth than with preaching his own truth for his own ends. Here again the tendency of Taurus from the past was to have been a dogmatic religionist, very much attracted to the trappings of religion, rather than the meaning behind many of the symbols that were used in whatever religion he pursued.

There must be a greater value placed on knowledge because, in the past, it was knowledge possibly for the sake of knowledge itself, or knowledge as the Taurus could use purely for self promotion or material gain, rather than for communicating it with others by direct reaction, of course, to the third house. This is the responsibility of the ninth house affairs.

The ninth house is also involved with the Christ Concept of harmony and wisdom. It does indicate that possibly, in past lifetimes, the Taurus was out of harmony and certainly did not work from the Christ Concept, and wisdom itself was a superficial type of wisdom, surface wisdom. The responsibility of Taurus on the cusp of the ninth house is the value of higher knowledge, philosophy, psychology, religion, higher education, and how this should be communicated to his fellow man.

One of the qualities of Taurus is its creative, artistic sense, which could be brought into play in mental pursuits and higher mind activities and in developing the beautiful concepts of the Higher Truths. As the planet Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, we are involved with balance, inner peace, and harmony, and in mental pursuits or activities of the higher mind, and through these, Taurus could find his own balance.

Undoubtedly in the past, he was out of balance, using the knowledge purely for the material, physical world. Now, Taurus being on the cusp of the ninth house, he must find his balance in the use of knowledge, in the pursuit of it for the spiritual and the intellectual aspect of life.

The ninth house is also the house of freedom. With the negative quality of Taurus of being so dogmatic, the lesson to be learned would be the granting of freedom to others to think as they so desire. The creative talents of Taurus involved in mental pursuits also bring the ability to expand knowledge, to bring new ideas and new concepts to what is already known. In reality, one of the responsibilities of Taurus on the cusp of the ninth house is not to be satisfied just with what is known, but to expand and grow within the framework of what is accepted.

One usually thinks of Taurus on a purely mundane level and associates Taurus with the lower personality, the physical being, the mundane or materialistic individual. On the ninth house, Taurus must learn the value of the higher self, the essence within or the spirit within and the higher mind. There must also be the flexibility so that the Taurus does not fall into the trap of a set pattern of thinking and behavior and the presenting of one’s ideas to others.

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