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Taurus November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!

Taurus November Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Taurus, a feeling of well-being and optimism will carry you through in November 2016 despite some hard work and setbacks.

You are feeling very good about the way things are going right now, so much so that you will even be able to deal with problems and aggravating issues that arise with a smile. You’re feeling quietly confident, and this will help you to grab opportunities and create a favorable impression on whoever you may want to impress.

What is really good about in November 2016 is that you have all the va va voom and confidence, and yet it is tempered by realism and the ability to foresee pitfalls and not drift into the unknown with rosecolored specs on. November 2016 is a good time to invest, purchase property or make long-term decisions. Hard work at the start of the month will pay off, and you will see reward.

New ideas and visions of the future will begin in November 2016, and you have the concentration to make some enquiries or do some very productive groundwork for these plans.

November 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Dear Taurus, the friendship side of your love relationships is very important in November 2016. You will rediscover the strong emotional bond you have with your partner. There is a great deal of romance and a desire to be alone with your partner. It really is time to shut the world out and cozy up together.

Sex should be excellent in November 2016 as you are warm, sensual and very sensitive to your partner’s needs. Poetry, movies, music all contribute to the very romantic and almost surreal love mode you are in now. The fantasy element of love-making is vital – it has to be an escape from reality and transcendence from the mundane.

Single Taurus may fall in love with a friend with whom you already share a bond. All relationships where you have a spiritual connection will thrive and grow in November 2016 as you seek to get in touch with your soul.

November 2016 is a month where the journey you are on as a human being really matters to you; meaning in life is what counts, and that is why all important relationships will get your full attention and appreciation. You want to immerse yourself in what really counts.

Taurus Career Horoscope November 2016

I said at the beginning that this would be a year where you could really make changes and move forward as a person. You can feel the effects of that starting to pay off now, and you have the impetus to carry that forward to next year in an even bigger way.

You are already putting your vision for next year into planning mode. You are cautious and able to take well-considered risks. Disciplined and thoughtful, you are putting in excellent work right now, which may bring you to the attention of your boss – you may well be commended or promoted. A mentor or someone in your company may take you under their wing and give you some excellent advice. If you are self-employed, you may look to someone you know, possibly someone retired who can offer you advice to give you the benefit of their experience. You are keen right now to get as much guidance as you can, and you are also keen to operate with social conscience.

Taurus, in November 2016 you may find yourself more concerned about issues like being organic, environmental, fair and ethical trade considerations. Perhaps you will move to avoid suppliers that use child labor or who have poor working conditions.

You have a high regard for ethics within your workplace and are likely to report or perhaps reprimand colleagues or employees who behave in a negative, immoral or unethical way.

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