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Taurus October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Sign!

Taurus October Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Taurus, your attention turns inwards in October 2016 as you feel the need to turn the volume of everyday life off and listen to your inner voice.

Lately things have been such a whirlwind that you are wondering if you have lost some perspective. You may find yourself playing the role of confidante or advisor, and as you are in a transitory phase of life yourself, you will have a fair amount of support and advice to give.

October 2016 is also a time to pay more attention to your body’s needs in terms of addressing diet and exercise, which you may have been neglecting or even perhaps overdoing – you need more balance and more moderation. It’s been all work and all play, and in October 2016 you need to take stock and wind down mentally and physically. Get plenty of rest, fresh air and fresh food and quality sleep.

October 2016 Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

In October 2016  balance is also a theme in relationships.

Taking things personally and focusing on yourself instead of the partnership can cause some issues. You have the urge to fly off the handle over small things rather than, counting to ten and allowing the moment to pass – it is probably not worth making a fuss over after all. You are feeling quite selfconscious right now, and that may be at the root of you taking offence at small things.

In new and older relationships, you must communicate with your loved one properly, do not assume anything, and do not assume that he/she knows how you feel, make it clear. Make sure all communication is twoway, it is not just about you explaining how you feel, it is also about you listening properly and understanding the way your partner feels.

You may need to discuss practical matters regarding how time each day is spent, the daily routines, chores and relative responsibilities. Minor issues that niggle and grow into resentments need to be tackled now. Get on top of your bills – many arguments in October 2016 will be about money, so prepare a budget.

Taurus Career Horoscope October 2016

Taurus, you are very competitive and self-reliant in October 2016 and perhaps reluctant to work with others.

An excellent time for sorting out detail work. De-clutter your desk, get the office organized and pay more attention to fine-tuning the office procedures. Make sure the checks and balances you have in place work. This is also a time for communication with staff and colleagues about problems – get their feedback. Resolve any outstanding issues and try improve communication with clients and staff to prevent further problems.

October 2016 is a very good month for negotiating contacts – you are highly persuasive, and so you can be very effective as a negotiator or salesperson.

Within some careers, a great deal of bartering or legal jostling will occur in October 2016 – be ready to gather information, present it, defend it and sell it.

You are highly objective, logical and efficient in October 2016 and so work should be very productive, and you will see your skills, especially your writing and communication skills improving.

October 2016 is a very opportune month for those who work in sales, public relations, personnel, medicine, veterinary science or pharmaceuticals.

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