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Taurus Ox Personality

Offspring of the Ox and Bull, you are a very concentrated individual. Patient, big, undeniably slow, you endure through the ages like granite. You don’t talk much about what you do, but what you do, you do meticulously, and correctly the first time. So what if you took the time it would take for someone else to do fifteen other things in a slipshod manner? “Quality takes time” is the undying motto of the Ox- Taurus.

It’s all about quality over quantity here. Your sternness can be off-putting to the casual lover, but if played and won correctly, you can be the most steadfast and enduring mate around. Only they’d better watch out! If you’re pushed too far, the gentle beast within you can erupt in cruel and spiteful anger, and charge the red flag of your discord with both horns bared.

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