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The Taurus Parent

What kind of parent is Taurus Zodiac Sign

If one of your parents is a Taurus, they are cuddly and affectionate. They are probably patient and always have time for you. Taurus parents are also great listeners. They love to eat goodies, so your kitchen is stocked with all sorts of sweet snacks! They don’t normally get angry unless you bug them repeatedly. Once they warn you they’re getting annoyed, be quiet and leave them alone. Your Taurus parent is a softie, so if you let them make up their mind slowly without pushing them, you’ll most likely get what you asked for, although it will seem like a long wait!

What kind of parent you are

You are, without doubt, a mother hen and it would be better if you could give up the idea that your children can stay locked in a gilded cage. You are the type that would even ask them to wear a wool t-shirt under their bathing suit, which seems excessive. Also your never-ending interrogations as to what and how much your children have eaten today would exhaust anyone. When your young are about to leave your nest to build their own independent life, you will need medical help in order to find solace. From your point of view, you created them and they are your responsibility, but as Gibran wrote, children are like arrows in your bow and the important thing is to point them in the right direction and let them fly. Finally, fear not, for no matter how far they go, the sense of stability, protection and nurturing that they had in their childhood will bring them back home often.

The Taurus Child

You love food. You love music and art. You’re probably kind of lazy, so you might need other people to get you up and moving. You have many friends because you are kind, helpful and loyal. Once someone is your friend, they’ll love them forever. You are patient and you don’t get angry a lot, but when you do — look out! People can be surprised when you charge at them like a bull! Try to let others know that things bother you as they happen, so it doesn’t build up. Read more about Taurus Child

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