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Taurus Rabbit Personality

Rabbit TaurusThe down side of the Rabbit- Taurus is that you’re materialistic, or, in plainer terms, greedy — as only the Ox can be. The up side is that you know exactly what to do with the money once you’ve got it in your hot little paws. Living a life surrounded by the finest in creature comforts and the most refined of entertainments, the Rabbit touch makes you the ultimate arbiter of taste in your circle.

You cannot abide the crass and the vulgar — which shuts you out of much of today’s societal milieu, not to mention limits your employment choices. You are convinced that you were born too late and that life was better in the past. You seek a mate of similarly refined tastes and habits, but can be easily discouraged by the prolonged search. Your weakness is a marked tendency to err on the side of self-regard.

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