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Taurus Ruling Planets

The planets that rule Taurus Zodiac Sign


venusThe labels of passion and greed that you are given by classical astrology are not entirely wrong, but these are just superficial aspects of your sign and they do also apply to you but you need to understand why. You are basically a quiet person, loyal and with a need for security and well-being. Are you an ‘oral’ sign? When you love, you “assimilate” your partner as well. You protect, provide for their needs, pay attention to, invest in them and feel jealous with them, you see them as belonging to you, almost an extension of you and who knows whether you are not both the same body and soul? You have an answer to this question of course; you are just the one entity, your own entity. If the person you love leaves you, you feel as if you have had a real physical mutilation. The reason that you protect your partner is because you are protecting yourself at the same time.

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jupiterJupiter, the famous Olympian God is exalted in Taurus and gives the best of its features in your sign. The symbolism of the planet is the best that there is and offers plenty. Opportunity, wealth, money, luck and growth are in short, all words that associate themselves with… Taurus.

In your case, we will forget the imperfections of the Greek God, who betrayed his wife at every occasion, always wandering around lusting after beautiful girls. Yes, you are passionate, but to face the trouble that this would bring is just not worth the effort. Another definition given to Jupiter is “the planet of good fortune” and it should be said that on both moral and material levels you rate among the luckiest of the zodiac.

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