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Taurus On Seventh House Cusp

Taurus in 7th house – Taurus on the cusp of the seventh house

You likely seek partners or engage in partnerships with people who are very financially and materially wealthy, or people who easily attract money and material resources into their lives. On the flip side, you may not want to have these people as partners, but you may want to be the person who provides these resources for someone else.

You may be very diligent in your efforts to provide things for your partners or you may expect your partners to provide a lot for you, either of which may leave them feeling like they are held back from providing for themselves (either giving you too much of their own resources or depending on you too much for resources).

It is also common for those of you with this position to believe that money can buy you love or that being financially or materially provided for by someone else is love. Beware of co-dependency patterns if you have this position.

We are involved here with partnership with life, and of course with Taurus, which is a self-centered, egotistical sign in its lower octave, tends to see life from the viewpoint of what it can get out of it rather that what it can give. Taurus in 7th house seems to measure success in life from the viewpoint of possessions, money and things.

The possessive attitude of Taurus tends to carry over into their relationships with others because Taurus likes to possess people as well as things, forgetting of course that no one can be possessed.

Taurus on the cusp of the seventh house must learn the value of the proper development of a constructive philosophy of life – a philosophy of life which incorporates the self as being a part of the mainstream of life and contributing to life, rather than just taking out of it.

The house preceding always prepares you for the house which follows. Taurus on the cusp of the seventh house should concentrate a bit more on the giving, rather than the taking principle.

The seventh house initiates the southern hemisphere of the chart, which is involved with the spiritual and intellectual aspects of life, and this location of Taurus could help in bringing out the creative aspects of relationship with life itself which would then find itself expressed in relationships with people and relationship with life and with themselves as well.

Taurus on the cusp of the seventh house implies that in the past, the person was a pure materialist when it came to life, apparently placing all attention upon the external features of life rather than the spiritual and intellectual.

In a chart with Taurus in seventh house, it would then rule that house in a natal chart, bringing with it the quality of self-awareness, and thus it is directly opposite the first house of the development of self or the personality. He must nourish the growth of the seeds within life itself as well as he must nourish them within himself, as in the first house. Just as he must nourish the seeds of his own development in the first house, he must nourish the seeds of development with life in the seventh house.

The first house is always the seed point of awareness of self, and the seventh house is the seed point of awareness of others.

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