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Taurus Sheep Personality

By the time the Goat- Taurus makes that last big score, it could be too late — try to stop and eat the roses along the path. Don’t let your Taurean need to be cosseted like an infant lull your mind into a state of retrograde infancy. Use your comfortable situation as a stepping-stone to a higher goal; your game plan has been mapped out for some time now, so you should know which step to take next.

Find the mate who’s willing to cater to your every need, and marry without delay, as you were never intended to play the field, what with your elaborate Goat-born system of reciprocated needs and wants. You may prove to be too demanding for the casual lover, so get used to a few false starts before you actually begin your choreographed march to the velvet altar. Beware the temptations of stagnation!

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