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Taurus Snake Personality

Snake TaurusKick back, relax, and when the moment presents itself — as it will do, sooner or later, if the Snake- Taurus will only cultivate the proper patience — strike! You appear to be a languid Snaky pleasure junky, but deep inside you harbor a secret Ox-style agenda, and it’s right on schedule. It’s because your opponents don’t recognize you as an opponent that you are able to overcome them with ease.

You’re knowledgeable enough in the rhythms and ways of the business world to know that problems can solve themselves if left alone, or at least treated with a minimum of intervention. This reclining attitude carries over into your love life, and many a partner will appear to tumble into your lap as if by magic. Only you will know that you have slyly laid the emotional groundwork months, sometimes years, in advance.

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