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Taurus Spiritual Meaning

Taurus Spiritual Meaning

Your Taurus spirit is solid, grounded, sensual and dedicated to preserving the safety and security of earth’s bounties. Your energy is earthy, loyal, patient and loving.

Taurus, being true to yourself means nurturing the safety and security of your outer environment, regaling in the physical joys of our world, understanding the value of our possessions and material surroundings.

Your purpose is to protect our world, to treasure what we create, to nurture a sense of stability, peace and comfort, to keep the corners tied down and stable.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…explore your sensual side…nurture a collection and then give it away as a gift… someone see the strength in patience and the virtue of standing still to watch events unfold..surround yourself with luxurious colors, textures and materials…learn to appreciate the power of change….jump over or knock down one of your self erected fences at least once month…..create one special room or area that can be your private retreat and fill it with your favorite objects..give away something old…..plant a garden and fill it with colorful wildflowers….cook an earthy, comforting meal and share it with someone new in your life…..begin a collection of inspirational sayings and believe in them…..dive into art…create something tactile and visual…..sing with spirit in the car, in the shower or whenever you are feeling down….explore the world from your home, buy a book that opens your horizons….

Turning Adversity into Strength

Your greatest strength is within your immense reservoir of inner and outer control, Taurus. Your preferred mode is to stop, watch and than act if and only if the condition warrants an action. Your protectiveness encompasses not only the things you treasure, but the people you love and your own inner safety and security.

Adversity takes its toll on your by making you more immobile and less able to budge from what feels a safe corner. During particularly tough times you are likely to dig your heels in until you cannot hold your ground and then you charge forth with an immense explosion.

Learn to let your anger, your fear and your concerns out before they push you into action. Move before life moves you….embrace change when it is inevitable and simply understand that you can rebuild the same safety but with more purpose and power for having walked through the issue.

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