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Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman and Venus Combinations

The Taurus Woman

As a Taurus woman you hold down the corners of life providing a sense of stability, strength and tolerance to your own world. You have strong and grounded ideals as well as an affinity for nature and its inhabitants. Your world is one where objects have a literal value and you are not afraid to acknowledge that. You protect and cherish those things that you are attached to and can be an avid collector.

You are a person of patience, practicality and reserve. You are visual and touch oriented enjoying soothing and soft textures and settings. You’re probably far more comfortable in your own safe and familiar environment and cherish being surrounding by your objects and your people.

You can have a keen sense of artistic creativity and music or sculpture are two strong Taurean fields of accomplishment. By nature you are sensual and loving and with the rulership of Venus guiding your sun sign romance and sexuality will be an ever important part of your life.

Your attributes are: Strength, patience, stability, serenity, tolerance, creativity.

How to find Your Venus Sign

There are 5 different possible feminine sub-types within Taurus. To find which you are you will need to know which sign your Venus is in.

If you don’t have your natal chart, or have trouble reading it, to discover your Venus Sign, simply find your birth date in the drop down list below (dates are inclusive) for a brief meaning.

For example, if you want to look up the Venus sign for a birth date of November 22, 1982, note that Venus entered Sagittarius on November 18, 1982 and entered Capricorn on December 12, 1982. Therefore a person born on November 22, 1982 would have Venus in Sagittarius. Times given are Eastern Time.

Taurus Woman with Venus Combinations

Taurus Woman with Venus in Pisces:

You are drawn towards the mystical but the earthy. Your values tend to form deep and almost spiritual attachments to the objects and the people in your life. You can be brilliantly creative in an artistic media that allows visions to be channeled into structures and form.

You help others learn to understand the deeper value in the material world. You are romantic and sensuous with a keen appreciation for the body and its capacity to experience and enjoy the physical side of sexual expression.

You are an earth goddess who is fully present in the world and unafraid to claim the beauty of the literal earth and its assets. You are likely to express yourself quietly and at times shyly but with deep and strong convictions running through your soul.

Taurus Woman with Venus in Aries:

You are a force to be acknowledged bearing both the soul and strength of the bull and the fire and dynamics of the Ram. You are both the protector and the warrior able to both claim your rights in the world as well as battle for and defend them. You have strong and individualized tastes and values and are likely to appreciate quality and substance.

You have a strong value system and need to feel the merit of your attachments and your actions but once you are committed there is little that can sway you from your course. You can be both intriguingly quiet and demure as well as passionate and dynamic.

You are likely to have a creative and dramatic way toe xpress your deepest and most important feelings that can leave others who know the ‘quiet’ you surprised…and disarmed. You are attracted to strength, conviction and integrity as well as the artistic, the dynamic and the creative.

Taurus Woman with Venus in Taurus:

You are all that is strong, tolerant, patient, loyal and dedicated. You have roots that stretch deep and far into the world and earth around you. You are likely to be talented in some field of artistic expression (art, song, sculpture) and most likely have found your own creative passion to pursue as an avocation at the least.

You seldom change your mind…nor your convictions. You value integrity, responsibility, loyalty and comfort. You are a deeply sensuous being with strong and important romantic and sexual needs. You abhor discomfort in any realm and prefer a gentle, soft and refined surrounding.

You are likely attach true value to the things in your life. You are protective, adoring and appreciative of the people and objects you surround yourself with.

Taurus Woman with Venus in Gemini:

You have a sparkling and powerful way to express your feminine energies that usually makes you magnetic and attractive to those around you. You can feel strongly drawn to song and rhythm and the expression of venusian talents through word or voice. Poetry, writing and other word art forms are often a powerful talent.

You have the strong and placid Taurus center to stabilize the lightness and energy of the gemini venus. You value an intellectual orientation that is prone towards the classical and traditional genres.

You have a gift for making people feel comfortable and joyful. You are an archetype for the end of spring when the meadows are in full bloom and growth and the world is stable, warm and hopeful. You are attracted to intelligence combined with strength .

Taurus Woman with Venus in Cancer:

You are a portrayal of the ultimate feminine/maternal image. Strong and nurturing, focused on home and heart. You express your emotions with passion and conviction. You build, grow and protect. Your home and stability within it are usually of paramount concern and you require a certain comfort and tradition to feel most comfortable and most secure emotionally.

You can have a profound talent for making the home beautiful, welcoming, warm and comfortable. Family and values are extremely important to your sense of well being and inner peace. You might find that your mood and feelings are strongly influenced by yours surroundings. You take your ‘home’ with you in some way when you travel.

You are attracted to sincerity, stability, traditions, commitment and loyalty. You tend to bring things into your home that you desire rather than going out ‘to’ them.

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