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Taurus Tattoos Designs Ideas

Taurus Tattoo Designs Ideas

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, represented by the Bull. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the symbol for Love and Beauty in Ancient Roman mythology. For this reason Taurus men and women love to be surrounded by beautiful things, and enjoy the all comforts of life, especially the comforts provided by being in a steady romantic relationship.

Taurus Tattoos-Ingenious Designs for Taurus Tattoos

Searching for ingenious designs for Taurus tattoos requires accomplishment of simple procedures. Before anything else, you should first understand the characteristics of the bull so you can recognize the attributes that you can relate to. During the research process, you should be able to lists down the features of the bull that you best identify yourself with and apply for your taurus tattoo.

The bull in Taurus zodiac taurus tattoo sign stands for aptness and proper management. Bulls can also embody physical strength and sturdy fortitude; these traits can be your base inspiration in designing your Taurus tattoo. You can play your body art with a wide range of design ideas such as plain bull, glyph for Taurus or the combination of both.

You can find relevant design ideas for your bull tattoo actually taurus tattoo in the Greek mythology which can offer you beautiful figures and images for your zodiac taurus tattoo. The eminent Taurus tattoo styles that you can incorporate in your body art are the white bull, Zeus with a bull, or a princess travelling in a bull. You can also use the constellation of Taurus as your main design.

When it comes to colors, it’s important for you to ask for suggestions from you tattooist before you finalize the shades in your body art.

If you are a minimalist and you would like your Taurus tattoo to remain simple as possible, you might want to consider the glyph for Taurus, which looks like the capital letter ♉ that has coiled horns sticking out of the apex. You can spiced it up a little bit by adding some tribal or Celtic designs that can make your body art more appealing and interesting. Though simple, the glyph can stand for your huge personality and enormous willpower that you employ in your life to reach all your dreams.

Though designs for your zodiac taurus tattoo can be found in various online and offline resources, it is still important for you to use your skills in determining the most appropriate images that will stand for your objectives. Moreover, you should not rely purely on the images you collate.

Use your visual talent so you can maximize the artistry in your zodiac taurus tattoo.

Taurus Tattoo Designs

A Taurus man or woman would want their tattoo to be neat, clean, and appealing to themselves and others. There not the type of people who would get a tattoo that is too bold or which might be seen as offensive.

A Taurus who is married or committed would be likely to get something that represents their love. For instance the date of their anniversary or theirs and their partners initials neatly written in cursive writing and tatted somewhere out of plain sight.

They love nature and the outdoors, so flowers, particularly roses, can be used as a design around their tattoo, so that its not only meaningful but also beautiful.

Venus, their ruling planet is ruled by the Goddess of Love, therefore hearts are something a Taurus would be inclined to include in their tattoo. Since they are family oriented people, the initials of their children, or even parents are a likely feature their tattoos, and can be included within a beautifully designed heart symbol. Other nature symbols such as trees, lilies, or gardens are great options for the Taurus. A butterfly tattoo is a good option for a Taurus female, as it is a sweet and pretty nature symbol. A Taurus male could choose a calming waterfall or forestry in order to represent his love of nature.

On the other hand, people born into this sign have a stubborn streak, and the bull is the animal which represents this aspect of them. If a Taurean is a particularly stubborn one, they should consider adding the bull into their tattoo. There are many ways this can be done. For instance, they can include a sketch of the whole bull or simply include its horns or head into their design.

The Emerald is the birthstone for this sign and since it is quite a beautiful stone itself, it would work out perfectly as a tattoo for those born under this sign.

The colors for this sign are blue and green and adding them to any tattoo would work. Other colours they should consider are earth tones, and soft pastels, as well as the classic black and white.

A symbol of mother nature would be the perfect tattoo for a typical Taurus. As an earth sign, nature is a part of their element, and since they are very family oriented and have many nurturing characteristics it suits their sign rightfully.

Venus, the Goddess of Love herself would truly fitting as a tattoo as her characteristics strongly influence those born under this sign.

Taureans enjoy comfort, and dislike pain, so they are not likely to get large tattoos that would require them to feel more pain. Simple, meaningful and beautiful is what theyre after.

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