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Taurus On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven)

Taurus in 10th house – Taurus on the cusp of the tenth house (the Midheaven)

With TAURUS ON CUSP OF TENTH HOUSE status means quite a bit to you. In fact, your primary purpose in attaining and increasing your financial and material resources is likely to show them off and elevate your public or professional status. Your public image is rooted in your professional role(s) and the material resources you acquire as result of that (or those) roles.

It is likely that others will measure your professional credentials or your public credibility by your outward expression of your financial and material lifestyle. And even though it may be their own projections of ambition, jealousy or insecurity onto you, others may see you as materialistic or possessive.

Now, the tenth house on the level of reincarnation and karma is concerned mainly with where we contribute to life. Most people are always looking for what they can get out of life. Where do we contribute? In other words, the tenth house is involved with the statement, “So freely as you receive, so freely give.”

Taurus on the cusp of the tenth house implies that, in the past, the person has always taken from life, always receiving, never giving. Now in this lifetime, the “giving” principle must take precedence over the “receiving.” In the past, most of this was done from the viewpoint of the prestige and the recognition that Taurus is usually seeking and, of course, this also brings in the quality of Capricorn, the natural ruler of the tenth house. Too many lifetimes were spent seeking the recognition and prestige, so that now, in this lifetime, Taurus must learn the value of contributing to life, making a contribution, making his impact upon the “march of civilization.”

Taurus on the Midheaven initiates the fourth quartile, the quartile of fulfillment, and as Taurus learns to give of self to life unselfishly, he is creating the foundation for his own personal fulfillment in this incarnation. He is, in effect, making his mark in contributing to society at large.

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