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Taurus On Third House Cusp

Taurus in 3rd house – Taurus on the cusp of the third house.

You communicate and express yourself through your financial and material resources. When you feel good about the state of your resources, it may inspire you to embrace ideas and/or engage in experiences you otherwise would have missed. You may find that you are constantly seeking information that helps you maintain or increase your financial and material resources.

When you aren’t feeling so good about yourself, you may find you are rather indifferent or reckless with your resources. You may also notice that you turn away from interactions or information that can expand your wealth and abundance. Keep a positive mindset, and good things can come to you financially, materially, and physically.

The lesson to be learned here for Taurus in 3rd house person is one of communication – the proper use of communication and a relationship to all. Taurus tends in its relationship with others, especially in communicating, to express its opinion as the be-all and end-all of thought itself. There can be no freedom given to another person’s ideas or opinions when Taurus is on the cusp of that third house. The conceit of Taurus here must be carefully avoided, for it implies the necessity of allowing other people to have their opinions and their ideas as well.

Taurus here also tells that person that he must fully identify himself as part of all humanity, for the third house, on the karmic level, is the house of brotherhood. All men are the Taurus’ brothers and all women are the Taurus’ sisters.

Concerning the third house, with Taurus in 3rd house is also the danger of exaggeration. Taurus people tend to be exaggerators and, often, great liars. So in communicating, their experiences and knowledge should be true experience and true knowledge and not as they would have liked it to have been or as they have imagined it to have been. This, often, is one of the qualities of Taurus. They tend to live in a world as they imagine it to have been rather than as it was. Here is the facing of reality which, often, the Taurus does not do.

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