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Taurus – Tiger Personality

Tiger TaurusTake it easy there, trooper! “No sense going off half-cocked” is the key phrase of the Tiger – Taurus. You use your spare time wisely to think your way through the maze ahead of time, and then bask comfortably in others’ amazement when everything unfolds smooth as cream. Your taste for sheer, unadulterated Work with a capital “W” will bring you out ahead of the herd of other Bulls in the long run, and you are incapable of being discouraged when involved in something your Tiger heart believes in.

Others will take this dedication to mean disinterest in matters of the heart, but if they too are patient they may strike your planet’s seething molten core in time. You have a nasty habit of taking for granted that which is not at all steady and harboring grave suspicions of that which is firmer than the Rock of Gibraltar. Be sure not to skip your personal planning sessions — “measure twice, cut once,” as the old saw has it.

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