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Taurus On Twelfth House Cusp

Taurus in 12th house – Taurus on the cusp of the twelfth house

You aspire to be selfless and sensitive, and because you are so sensitive and compassionate to the world and its creatures, you may forego your own financial and material stability to make sure others are stable, safe, and secure.

You would rather give away your resources to others than keep them for yourself, but unless you are really and genuinely inspired by giving to others, you may be worn down by others inability to give to themselves. Be aware that you may martyr yourself in the belief that giving to others will make you more wealthy or will give you a larger return on investment.

The twelfth house is involved with the value that Taurus places upon spirituality, universal principles, at-one-ment, Cosmic Consciousness, compassion, and understanding. It is very difficult for Taurus, on a mundane level, to be compassionate, to be understanding, since the focal point of the Taurus’ life seems to center entirely upon self and selfish interests. Taurus, to structure things in his own way, finds himself at sea within the fluidity of the universe and must learn how to swim and flow with these concepts that come to him. He must also be very careful about being too dogmatic in his spiritual approach.

Spirituality must he used unselfishly in service to others. He must be aware of the little people who are as much a portion of life as the big people he would otherwise look to for reflection of his own glory. Taurus does tend to associate with people of distinction, looking for the prestige, people of wealth, this sort of thing.

Taurus can often be passive, and coupled with Pisces as natural ruler of the twelfth house, there can be a sitting back and wanting to “take,” rather than having an active involvement with spirituality, as if the spiritual aspect of life should encompass the Taurus, rather than Taurus incorporating spirituality. Taurus on the cusp of the twelfth house person must find the completion of himself, not within himself, but within the universality of the spiritual nature of life. He can best work through institutions or organizations whose principles are based upon universal concepts.

The twelfth house is also the house of restriction or confinement. The Taurus must not limit or restrict his interpretation of universal principles when involved with service to others. Throughout all the travels of Taurus through the twelve houses of experience of the horoscope, the responsibility is the development of the proper values which can be expressed, developed through the affairs of each of the twelve houses of the zodiac.

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