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The Taurus Woman

Without any doubt the woman of the sign of Taurus has a psyche strongly immersed in “female” charcateristics, but none of those which our patriarchal society takes into consideration; in fact, the female Taurus expresses herself in a very different way either in the model of the “angel of the hearth” that has raged for so much time in the western imagery, or the image of the winning woman that has become masculine in the last 50 years.

Both models in fact represent adaptations of the male ways and in TAURUS there is not a trace of this in the psyche of the woman. The Taurus woman is tied to a still very integral “female being” who is not contaminated by the distorted values of the patriarchy, an image in which there is a strong sense of fertilised power – obviously expressed by the planet Proserpina – united by a wisdom that might be defined as “supportive and received” and therefore a certain fragility and vulnerability or ether ways in great numbers in what today we see as being like Lunar Cancer or Pisces (another side of the zodiac female world).

The Taurus woman is strongly permeated by a creative dimension; in fact this function is so important at a universal level that it must be represented through an archetype: that of the Great Mother; there is an intense consciousness of her huge “power”, without which the world would not exist and the reason therefore also for very difficult and dark times for the immersed female patriarchy world, which has remained intact and not confutable in the Taurus woman.

In the woman of the sign of Taurus there is something that connects her to the image of the Great Mother and is visible in her scarce subjection in the world and to male values and in the courage of carrying on for the things she testifies.

For many people the Taurus woman continues to have charcateristics of matriarchy, and therefore, creates a strong bond with her children, with whom she has a privileged and more profound relationship than the one that develops with the man. In this she expresses his “motherly ways”, something that she makes in receiving, in being supportive and in the need to make them grow.

In this woman there is practically no trace of male values; however, she often has the problem of too easily maintaining a symbiosis with her children from which she must free herself in order to avoid blocking them in their true psychological independence.

The Taurus woman therefore manages to live in absolute equality with a man: she is perhaps the woman who has less felt the sense of devaluation because she has kept on maintaining a strong integrity in relation to herself and her values, and in this ways walks side by side with her man without removing herself or withdrawing her sexuality, trust, love and above all herself.

She is and remains queen of that kingdom of practicality and of good sense that very much leaves her man stupefied in relation to her obvious intellectual rationality and technological creativity. The Taurus woman wants to be a protagonist within the relationship, the environment, the clan, and she feels she is the one who must pass that sense of continuity within her life and soul.

The Taurus woman is totally alien to fights for emancipation because she has never felt being inferior or subordinate to a man, and therefore she does not have to claim any rights or duties, because she has not any doubt about her value and about her rights: she’s a woman who maintains a profound sense of self-esteem, supported within her inside and not by values or external capabilities.

Perhaps the image of this woman can make us think of something hidden behind the symbol of “female power”, patriarchal, something distant and a sense of conquest and domination that divides the world into winners and losers; a woman who brings different values into the “the strength of the relationship, of Eros”, that energy that should permeate the world with a desire for union and a welcoming, something that reminds us the concept of living with … together … the other.

Perhaps, the Taurus woman is a keeper of a opening attitude to more profound dimensions in life that are represented by the “relationship”; this might be the “path of the woman” who promotes a “relationship with others” rather than a clash with others.

The Taurus woman is strong, patient, bold and sensual and has a strong practical sense and an ability to easily tune in to everything that is natural; she is motherly and she has a strong relationship with breast feeding, weaning and feeding. Often she is totalising and she can easily exclude all others from having a relationship with her children; she is tied to the family, but in terms of all relations rather than on an exclusively personal basis; she has a strong sense of recurrence in cycles in which she becomes an interpreter, recovering dimensions of ancient female wisdom. Food is a fundamental symbol for this woman, and in this respect, she presents herself as the one who allows the maintenance of the relationship with the culture she is part of, preparing it and serving it with love and with true and a personal sense of caring.

The Taurus woman is also the most faraway woman, in absolute terms, from the dominant aesthetic trend, so proud of her “roundness”, the symbol of her connection with the Matriarchal divinities.

The darkness is in possession, in jealousy and phagocytising, defects that come into play when she does not respect herself and collapses under the weight of insecurity and external values.

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