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Taurus Women In Marriage

The Taurus woman is a master of the arts. She will be the type of bride who is beautifully dressed according to the setting of the wedding hall. Taurus women like to feel special and important. Therefore, these individuals will want to have a wedding that is ideal in their eyes.

Different from the Aries girl, who does not necessarily need a lavish ceremony, the Taurus girl, quite on the contrary, will need everyone to obsess over her and her man in love. She will even rent out a whole stadium for the event. She will go all out and even hire herself an assistant to help her with all the major details. She will need to get planned in advance. Essentially, the Taurus women works at a slower pace, making sure very detail works right.

Because the Taurus lady loves everything artistic, her wedding will be nothing hot of grand. She might hire the best orchestra and opera singer that will perform and enlighten the whole crowd. At the end of the day, what matters is the fact that the crowd and guests at the wedding were fulfilled and thus will never forget this night. This party is a big deal to the fellow Taurus gal.

She wants to impress her friends and herself. The Taurus woman has grown up as a child wanting this moment like some girls. This is her chance to live it out according to her dreams and fairytale. If this is what she wants there is nothing wrong with that at the end of the day, just so long as she does not become overly obsessed with it all and it will not control her to the point where she gets too nervous and anxious.

The Taurus woman is essentially all about the artistic element of the wedding. She likes to get married in style. She will get the most expensive wedding dress and match it up with a very expensive veil and high heeled shoes. Once the music and entertainment is set for the night, she will feel like she has less on her plate to worry about. She feels that the wedding will show everyone how she really is. Therefore, she will take much care and consideration in making it seem perfect and ideal to her high standards. After all, this lady knows the value of a dollar and she will not be told any less than no on her special day. She will make it all worth her while

For a fellow Taurus gal, she will need her wedding and marriage to say something about herself. She will need to be proud of herself and her husband so that her wedding will be from the heart and not necessarily to please anyone in particular. Once that is taken care of she can enjoy a calm and peaceful ceremony and wedding. She will dance with her chosen love mate and appreciate all the hard work to making this night so special and memorable for all to witness and enjoy.

Since the Taurus lady knows how to cook she will hire the best chef to cater her tables at her wedding. The food will be perfect and tasty as well. She might even make the cake extravagant. This can be with the colors, size, shape, or anything that can set it apart from other more usual weddings. The thing with the Taurus lady is that she feels she needs to have all the best at her wedding. It is a symbol of her unique self, displayed to the outward audience. It is almost like a performance of her life. She admires the drama and preparation of it all. It is highly exciting to her within the whole process.

Because the fellow Taurus females are such hard workers in their every day lives, they feel it essential to be wined and dined at their own extravagant wedding. They want people to enjoy it and have a good ol time. They see it as a big party and one that might make everyone happy and cheerful. This is the female Taurus main goal. They want to host and be great at it. They want to make the night memorable. After that they will be happy that their wedding is complete and their marriage is off to the right start.

She will even help out at her wedding. She likes to take action herself so that her essence and quality are submerged into the party. She will help out with setting the tables, putting the flowers where they should be, and just organize table to table. She likes to feel on top and in control. And, after all, since it is her day, she will glorify herself in this moment of spotlight.

So now that we have a basis and ultimate foundation of what the female Taurus likes about her wedding style, let us bring up the fact of emotions. Taurus females are very emotional people when they are exposed. The wedding may be a place where everyone learns of this lady’s emotional depth. She may cry like a baby and everyone would be essentially shocked. At the end of the day, the Taurus lady is still strong and independent. Still, this confidence takes a back seat to the whole emotional situation. Her usual practical manner may be slightly altered at the moment she walk down the isle and sees her man for the first time as her husband, almost. She will just fall in love all over again and feel emotionally at peace.

After the ceremony, after the wedding, after the partying, and after all of the presents and entertainment, the Taurus lady will be fulfilled. She feels at peace and is ready to start her life now. This is a mental side of it, but as long as she feels that to fulfill her heart and soul, it causes no harm to anyone. So, the Taurus lady will make a night to remember!

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