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Taurus Element- Earth – Sensation

Element-of-EarthWhen born in an earth sign, as you are, or when there are many planets in earth signs, we see a need to build and to achieve concrete results. The reality of the material world is full of secrets for you. You know how to travel in the world properly and how to meet the needs of your body. You are patient, prudent and thoughtful and your real strength is factual knowledge, not intuition or imagination. Your feet are firmly on the ground.

What follows is a brief description of Earth.

So lie yourself down in a meadow and open your senses, smell the hay or grass and listen to the noise of the leaves blowing in the wind. Touch the earth, solid and firm in the palm of your hand, crushed and crumbling between your fingers. Look at the life forms visible in the grass, the small insects carrying weights, flowers that open and close and turning their petals to the sun. Look at the apparent solidity and immobility of the earth. From earth comes everyone’s life, birth, growth, death and then we begin again.

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