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How to Tell Cancer "I Love You"

How to Tell Cancer “I Love You”

Creative Ways to Show Cancer You Care

For Valentine’s Day or any other special romantic occasion, here are some romance tips on how to show your love when dating a Cancerian.

Cancer needs to know that the “love of their life” will provide them with emotional security, comfort and affection.

Deeply emotional, Cancer loves romance and anything that is mysterious and dreamy.

Cancer will love to be cherished. Shower them with affection and caring gestures. They aren’t particularly looking for excitement in a love relationship. Cancer prefers commitment, loyalty, sensitivity, understanding and lots of loving.

Passion, too, is important for the Cancerian.

How to Show Cancer You Care

Cancer has a love of family and will enjoy sharing interests in the comfort of their home. Show you are willing to invest time and energy into making your surroundings comfortable and inviting and Cancer will know that you really do care.

Telling Cancer how you feel for them while walking on a moonlit beach or whisking them off for a weekend in a log cabin by a lake before saying “I love you” will be like making one of their many romantic dreams come true.

It will take time for Cancer to reveal their deepest feelings as they can be easily hurt and they will tend to hide their true selves until they feel at ease in their closest relationships. Once they do, they can be surprisingly passionate, loving and expressive in their love.

Quick Romantic Tips on Saying “I Love You” to Cancer

Always pay attention to the tenderness and compassion in your communication with sensitive Cancer as this will help strengthen the bond between you.

  • Plan a quiet night in at home with a candlelit meal followed by a romantic DVD to set the scene before revealing your feelings
  • Take Cancer into the garden with a glass of champagne and say those special three words while the pair of you are gazing at the stars
  • Show your feelings with hugs and kisses; Cancer needs tactile displays of affection
  • Gradually open up and share your innermost secrets with Cancer. This will encourage them to be more honest with you
  • As well as telling Cancer you love them, list all the reasons why. This will make your declaration sound more believable
  • Use candles to enhance the mood before sharing your feelings with the romantic Cancerian. The glow of flickering firelight in the room will add to the loving atmosphere.
  • Visiting your lover’s family and making an effort to get to know their friends will also help bring you closer together.

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