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How to Tell Libra "I Love You"

How to Tell Libra “I Love You”

Creative Ways to Show Libra You Care

Make every day Valentine’s day by following these romantic tips on how to show your love when dating a Libra.

Add amiability with a touch of delicacy, a lot of romance and fantasy and Libra will start to sense you really care for them. Libra has a very special gift for creating a feeling of harmony around them and that makes them popular, socially. If you intend to whisk Libra away for a romantic weekend, be sure this doesn’t interfere with arrangements they’ve already made.

Ways to Show Libra You Care

  • Be sensitive with your Libra and show you are in touch with their feelings. Ask them “what’s wrong” if they seem upset and show interest in their friendships, hobbies and day-to-day activities.
  • Librans will love gifts of flowers, champagne and chocolates and never ever forget birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Librans dream of romance so get them to confide in you about their romantic dreams then you can do something special to make their dreams come true. Librans love ease and tranquillity and will appreciate a partner who senses their unease in an argument and considers their feelings.

Quick Romantic Tips on Saying “I Love You” to Libra

  • Words spoken from the heart and giving gifts to show your love will thrill the Venus-ruled Libran.
  • Be creative and make Libra something special: a painting, sketch, love poem, framed photograph. Something that comes from the heart.
  • Hugs, kisses and caresses are always important to Libra.
  • Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to say “I love you”; Libra needs to hear these words every day of the year.
  • Give a gift or bunch of flowers when Libra least expects it.
  • Take a day’s trip to the beach and draw a heart in the sand.
  • Post Love Notes all over the house while Libra is away to surprise them on coming home.
  • Listen to Libra. They need to know you do care about their feelings.
  • Say “I Love You” with a quote: if you can’t find the words yourself, consider using a romantic quote for inspiration.
  • Take a romantic Bubble Bath together or propose to Libra in the shower.
  • Draw a heart with lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  • Always show appreciation for the little things Libra does for you to let them know you’ve noticed.
  • Put on some romantic music, ask Libra for “this dance” and whisper those three little words you want to say, in their ear
  • Come out spontaneously with words spoken from your heart such as “I love being around you”, “I dream of you every night” or “I’m nothing without you.”
  • With Libra being such a romantic sign, there are countless loving and touching ways to let them know you care.

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