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How to Tell Virgo "I Love You"

How to Tell Virgo “I Love You”

Creative Ways to Show Virgo You Care

Make every day Valentine’s day by following these romantic tips on how to show your love when dating a Virgo.

Firstly if you feel your relationship’s getting routine, don’t feel Virgo isn’t interested any more. It’s a sign they are settling into this romance but there are still things you can do to add spark to your love life and let Virgo know that you care.

In fact, Virgos need to be reassured of your love for them. They don’t expect a lot. Big and extravagant gifts aren’t their style; they’d much rather have you bringing them breakfast in bed or sending them roses for no reason other than you love them.

Virgos aren’t big on showing their feelings and may seem cool and sensible but this shouldn’t stop you from complimenting them when they look good or when they’ve done something to please you.

Romantic Tips on Saying “I Love You” to Virgo

  • Virgo is practical and sensible but they will also appreciate a degree of affection and tenderness.
  • Get to know Virgo’s family; if you’re in a loving relationship they’re going to play a big part of your life.
  • Compliment Virgo on their achievements, their appearance and show you respect their commitment to you.
  • If you share a home together, do a little cleaning; this will really impress Virgo.
  • Hide a message in a book; be sure it’s one of Virgo’s favourites so they find it soon. Slip it in a magazine if you aren’t sure which book to choose.
  • Spontaneous outbursts of your feelings for them will be appreciated by Virgo, as long as they’re not too emotional.
  • You might tell them “The thought of you always makes me smile,” “You are such a treasure,” “You bring joy to my life” or “You mean the world to me”, as these are the kind of compliments they like to hear.
  • Share activities with your Virgo; join in with their hobbies and take an interest in the groups they might be involved in. Find a common interest you both might share.
  • Give your Virgo a back rub or a massage; they’re always working so hard they’d appreciate a little physical attention that helps ease all the tension.
  • Cook Virgo a meal, make sure it’s one of their favourite dishes and plan it so you have a romantic evening without any outside disturbances.
  • Be honest with Virgo, they wouldn’t expect anything less.
  • Even if Virgo seems to find it hard to show their emotions, don’t be stingy about showing them your feelings. They will appreciate it.

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