Astrology and Horoscopes

Ten Rules For Astrologers

  1. Everything modifies everything else.
  2. Nothing is as good or as bad as you think it will be.
  3. Forecast conservatively-it’s better than looking like a complete fool when you’re half wrong.
  4. Study love, money and health issues. If you become a professional, 99 percent of your clients will want information on them. If you stay an amateur, it’s probably what you want to know. The rest is frosting.
  5. Don’t take your transits too much to heart. The word transit means ‘passing on by.’ The stations are the most reliable indicators.
  6. Continue to study. Pay attention to the old timers. They’re the ones who taught the astrologers that you think are so wonderful.
  7. Take astrology seriously. Don’t give away what you know too cheaply. It cost you plenty to learn it. Charge a fair price if you charge.
  8. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk about what your clients tell you and what is confidential information. Before long, nobody will tell you anything and you will stop learning.
  9. Listen. Half the time your clients just need somebody to talk to. Most of them will solve their own problems if they get a little moral support from you. They probably don’t need a forecast as much as the hand holding.
  10. Share what you know with others trying to learn. It keeps astrology vital into the future. It is your gift to the world.

These aren’t the only rules, just a few of the biggies.


Pat Geisler is an astrologer practicing in northern Ohio on the outskirts of Cleveland. She has been a professional since 1969 and lives in Grafton, Ohio.

A teacher, lecturer and consultant, she was one of the first to offer courses in a community college in the ’70s. She has appeared many times on radio and television and lectured to a wide array of groups, both astrological and civic, as well as to schools and community groups of all kinds. She has written articles on astrology for publication.

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