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Ten Tips for When the Sun is in Capricorn

Ten Tips for aligning with the inspiring energies of the Sun in Capricorn (December 21st to January 19th).

1. Root in Mother Earth


The darker, shorter days (in the Northern Hemisphere) have us hibernating and resting. We may feel heavier in our bodies, and lower to the ground. With so many struggling to “be in their bodies,” this month can help us make that transition.

Through 2023, Pluto in Capricorn demands that we recreate our society and lives from the ground up. I’ve had this vision of the concrete being busted up, so Earth can breathe again, and come alive. The Sun in Capricorn shines light on what a renewed Earth might look like. We can begin by knowing the land beneath our feet. With the biosphere in trouble, it doesn’t hurt to know about wild plants and flowers, and mushrooms native to where you live (Petersen guides are great.) My number one recommendation to thrive in the years ahead is to buy your own heirloom/organic seeds, in anticipation of a Spring planting.

In the quiet introverted time of Capricorn, try tuning into the elements. Sit by a river to hear the water. Listen to a crackling fire or light a candle on your desk. Watch the wind move the tree branches. Hear the frozen ground crunch under your feet. Having a genuine, simple engagement with the elements tunes you in to Earth in a powerful way.

2. Become an Engaged Citizen


Woman holding US Constitution

The energies of Capricorn bring our attention to the public domain, and the common wealth we all share. It may spur you to get involved in debates about government and the economy, especially with so much in a state of decay. It’s a good time to stop being a consumer and be a citizen again. That means taking responsibility for what’s happening in your own town, state or country.

Capricorn is a sign of enduring traditions, like those established by the founding fathers of the U.S. America is in its Pluto return, and will tested to hold true to core values. It’s significant that more are returning to touchstones, like the Declaration of Independence. The language of this enduring document refers to “natural law,” to break away from the authority of the crown. In it, Thomas Jefferson wrote about dissolving political bands, “and to assume the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”*

If we reconnect directly with Mother Earth, we can experience that sovereignty again as earthlings. We can remember that freedom is our birth right, and so is the responsibility to take care of our home. It’s a timely month, then, for standing up to authoritarian-style rule that would rob us of our natural rights. I predict this is a theme that will become stronger in the years ahead.

*Source: Wrestling with the Angel of Democracy by Susan Griffin

3. Write Your Obituary

Write Your Obituary

At the ‘dead’ and quiet time of year, we can tune into our timeless self. Saturn-ruled Capricorn reminds us of our mortality, when all around us nature is in retreat. We came out of the Earth, and will return to the Earth.

How would you like to be remembered? Last year, I had the bittersweet task of writing my Dad’s obituary. Of all his accomplishments, as a leader in banking and industry, he was most proud of starting an annual “Bookworm” golf tournament to support the local library. It reminded me that the legacies that last are those we do for community. Capricorn inspires us to think longterm, about leaving a deep impression on our world through our acts or ideals.

Capricorn is about erecting monuments, and making monumental impacts. Even as we go after worldly acclaim, it all eventually breaks down, and tombstones get worn away. The paradox of Capricorn is the quest for permanence in an impermanent world. Walk in a cemetery this month. Be gothic. Ponder what you’d like written on your tombstone.

4. Take Your Public Image Seriously

Business woman

Business woman sitting in window and smiling

It’s a good time for a sober look in the mirror. Capricorn leans toward simple and classic fashion, with quality materials. It’s about having an exterior that broadcasts power and confidence, to match your insides. This may mean adding an accent that pulls together your look, like a hat or neutral jewelry.

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, since often less is more. Get into the habit of looking at labels for enduring fabrics or handcrafted clothing. If you’ve got the patience to look through your local thrift store, you’ll be rewarded with buried treasures. I like to flip through magazines for “Looks” I like on celebs or models, and then improvise that outfit with what I can find.

We’ve all been caught in our warm up pants at the grocery store, by someone whose opinion matters. This is a month to think about what we’re projecting through our image, and making sure it “represents” our best self. This is especially important when wanting to attract a worthy partner or job opportunity.

5. Fortify Your Body

fortify body

Capricorn is a sign known for its strong constitution and sensible attitude to health. It rules the structure’s of our body — teeth, skin, skeletal frame, bones and cartilage. It’s a great time to consider any supplements, especially minerals, that our body may need now. We may also need extra Vitamin D3, to make up for a lack of sunlight this time of year.

The solar energies of this non-nonsense earth sign carries the deep instinct that “we are what we eat.” Are you getting a return on your food investment? It’s a time to get the biggest bang for your buck, with nutritious foods that are not laced with dis-ease causing chemicals and pesticides. Preventing disease by spending more on organic food, is a lot cheaper than dealing with the health effects of processed junk. And Capricorn is all about making wise choices that make you stronger.

It’s a great time to see your dentist or commit to a daily habit (like flossing). Or, you may integrate stretching and flexibility training into your exercise program. Consider what you can do to make sure your body temple will support you for a lifetime.

6. Live more Real Life

real life

It’s a great month to take breaks from the virtual and TV ephemeral worlds, and live more “real life.” I’ve come to see the value of Facebook and the exchanges in a network, that seems to be so very Aquarian. We can get inspirations and sense of global community, as well as having a web of near-instant connection to all our friends and relations.

But Capricorn reminds us to go as deep with the earthly, as we go high with the cosmic. We need a break from the interference of electromagnetic radiation that we conduct with our bodies, which are electromagnetic themselves. If possible, try experiencing some time away from all gadgets and gizmos. When we go camping in the depths of the forest, away from “civilization,” we tap into that deeper resonance with the Earth. Look for ways to have that direct experience, by spending time in a natural setting.

You might also turn off your phone when running errands, so you can be more present to your tangible world, and the people in it. It might mean sending a care package, or a postcard. This month, we can find a better balance between the real and the virtual. One example could be to use the Internet to set up meet-ups, with people that share your interests.

7. Earth Magic

stones and crystals

High angle view of a young woman lying down with stones on her back

One way to strengthen your connection to the Earth is with stones and crystals. Since ancient times, certain minerals have been used for healing, or in rituals, because of the resonance they hold. I like to wander into stores — like Stick, Stone and Bone in New York City –that carry stones, and see if any draw my attention. These can become allies, for whatever you’re going through at the moment. They become part of your life, and sit on your desk or altar.

Astrologer and jeweler Shakti Carola Navran says the right stones support the energies of the birth chart, or can help us through a particular transit. In Jewelry & Gems for Self-Discovery, she writes, “For me, gemstones carry this mystery, abundance and beauty of Mother Earth. They are messengers of the Divine Mother, dispensing nourishment and healing for all the needs we might have.” As we honor these treasures as precious gifts, we experience the Earth as a “living entity” that we can know intimately.

8. Turn a Passion into your Life’s Work


Capricorn is the most disciplined of signs, able to forego short term gratification, in favor of long term rewards. This can inspire you to master your art, or commit to being an expert in your field. If you’ve got a knack for something, consider taking it to the next level now. It’s a great time for long range goal setting.

The Sun in Capricorn infuses us with the stick-to-it-ness that comes naturally to this cardinal earth sign. You may be better able to envision the end result, and therefore, have the motivation to keep going. You can find the firm steps that’ll take you to your goal.

9. Seek Wisdom

old man

Capricorn is a sign that faces many trials, and often has an arduous time in the first half of life. Around mid-life, Capricorn settles into deep contentment at having overcome so much. It’s said that we earn the face we have later in life. Capricorn often ages in reverse, having chiseled their life from the dense material world through intense effort.

This is a good time to find a mentor, or be one. Capricorn’s enduring nature allows it to build on what’s strong and good, even when there are deep flaws to reckon with. It’s timely for committing to overcoming your weaknesses, even though it’s the more difficult path. Then wisdom comes slowly, from proving to yourself that you’re stronger than you think.

10. Let Go


Capricorn helps us lose what’s inauthentic, dead or serving no purpose. Those of us that tend to hold on to people or things out of nostalgia, can find the inner strength to let go. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet that sets boundaries and limits. It’s also the planet of mortality and time (Chronos) itself. When we let go of what’s holding us back, we honor the rhythm of life, and our commitment to making the most of the time we have.

The Sun in Capricorn shines light on any stark realities, and that helps us do what needs to be done. It’s a sign accused of being cold and calculating, and thinking only in materialistic terms. But sometimes we need this kind of rational thinking, to be able to let go without regrets or sentimentality. This month may bring realizations of what’s no longer sustaining you. And letting go brings greater authenticity into your life.

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